School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
WINGFIELD LINDA Service Worker Sacajawea Elementary $17,129 (More)
WINGLER MELISSA Aide $8,499 (More)
WINGO ZACHARIAH Aide Cedar Heights Jh $12,484 (More)
WINGREN SABRINA Secondary Teacher University High School $39,329 (More)
WINIARSKI ANNE Elementary Teacher Cascade Elementary School $62,955 (More)
WINJE SHANE Secondary Teacher Lynden High School $47,814 (More)
WINKEL DAVID Service Worker Morgen Owings Elementary School $34,736 (More)
WINKEL DOREEN Aide Keller Elementary $18,493 (More)
WINKELJOHN DAVID Library Media Specialist Mountlake Terrace Elementary $72,945 (More)
WINKELKOTTER LINDSEY Aide Mill Creek Elementary $23,910 (More)
WINKELMAN BRANDON Elementary Teacher Stevens Elementary School $54,699 (More)
WINKELMAN DEBRA Elementary Teacher Prosser Heights Elementary $64,727 (More)
WINKELMAN JENNIFER Counselor Hoquiam High School $61,161 (More)
WINKELMAN SARA Technical $23,811 (More)
WINKEY CHRISTEL Elementary Teacher Lake Wilderness Elementary $48,799 (More)
WINKLE BARBARA Other Teacher Riverside Middle School $62,955 (More)
WINKLE JAMES Secondary Teacher Riverside Middle School $62,955 (More)
WINKLE JEFF Operator $17,756 (More)
WINKLE K'LYNN Secondary Teacher Centralia Middle School $61,274 (More)
WINKLE KIMBERLY Operator SSCC High School Completion $59,765 (More)
WINKLE W Elementary Teacher Jefferson Lincoln Elementary $64,801 (More)
WINKLER ALISA Elementary Teacher College Place Elementary $63,203 (More)
WINKLER BRYAN Secondary Teacher Clover Park High School $65,230 (More)
WINKLER BRYAN Professional Tumwater High School $7,626 (More)
WINKLER BRYAN Professional Timberline High School $4,096 (More)
WINKLER CHAD Secondary Teacher White River High School $69,520 (More)
WINKLER CHRISTOPHER Aide Mt Tahoma $14,918 (More)
WINKLER DEBRA Aide Monument Elementary $26,493 (More)
WINKLER EUGENE Secondary Teacher Pullman High School $65,357 (More)
WINKLER JOHN Secondary Teacher Cavelero Mid High School $90,341 (More)
WINKLER LARRY Operator $13,322 (More)
WINKLER LINDA Office/Clerical West Valley High School $29,995 (More)
WINKLER MERRI Technical $46,318 (More)
WINKLER MICHAEL Elementary Teacher Clarkmoor Elementary School $53,609 (More)
WINKLER PAUL Laborer SSCC High School Completion $49,130 (More)
WINKLER PAULA Service Worker University Elementary School $17,940 (More)
WINKLER-BREWTON PATRICIA Elementary Teacher Trentwood School $68,601 (More)
WINKLEY KATE Elementary Teacher Emerson Elementary School $58,156 (More)
WINKLEY KENNETH Secondary Teacher Vancouver School of Arts and Academics $67,737 (More)
WINKLEY MONICA Secondary Teacher Hayes Freedom High School $71,821 (More)
WINKLEY NANCY Aide Black Lake Elementary $17,337 (More)
WINKLEY NICOLE Aide Avanti High School $15,343 (More)
WINKLEY NICOLE Aide A G West Black Hills High School $4,915 (More)
WINKLEY RHONDA Service Worker Tumwater High School $10,161 (More)
WINKS SCOTT Secondary Teacher Shahala Middle School $70,274 (More)
WINMILL LANCE Secondary Teacher Renton Senior High School $73,069 (More)
WINMILL MARISSA Secondary Teacher Mount Rainier High School $65,087 (More)
WINN CLINTON Elementary Teacher Kalama Jr Sr High $65,601 (More)
WINN ELLEN Counselor Cascade Middle School $55,382 (More)
WINN ERICA Elementary Teacher Van Asselt Elementary School $57,547 (More)
WINN JEFF Secondary Teacher John Sedgwick Junior High $64,170 (More)
WINN JENNIFER Elementary Teacher Sunny Hills Elementary $44,446 (More)
WINN JILL Elementary Teacher English Crossing Elementary $25,161 (More)
WINN JOHN Secondary Teacher Stevens Middle School $66,908 (More)
WINN KRISTA Elementary Teacher Jefferson Elementary $71,997 (More)
WINN MOLLY Elementary Teacher Graham Elementary $51,397 (More)
WINN RICHARD Technical $42,716 (More)
WINN RUTH Aide $15,747 (More)
WINN TROY Operator $17,117 (More)
WINNE SARRA Service Worker Orting Primary School $30,268 (More)
WINNER ERIC Elementary Teacher Star Lake Elementary School $68,392 (More)
WINNETT DENISE Office/Clerical Waitsburg High School $24,784 (More)
WINNEY MARJORIE Aide Southgate Elementary School $37,218 (More)
WINNIE STUART Elementary Teacher Naches Trail Elementary $66,365 (More)
WINNINGHAM ELLEN Psychologist View Ridge Elementary $67,243 (More)
WINNINGHAM SHARON Elementary Teacher Chief Moses Middle School $66,813 (More)
WINNINGHOFF ANDREA Secondary Teacher Federal Way High School $52,940 (More)
WINONA ROCHELLE Technical $40,000 (More)
WINQUIST MAURITZ Secondary Teacher Peninsula High School $76,668 (More)
WINSEL MOLLY Elementary Teacher Mcloughlin Middle School $51,250 (More)
WINSHIP NUNN Secondary Teacher Warden High School $57,528 (More)
WINSHIP TIMOTHY Operator $9,511 (More)
WINSKI COLLEEN Operator SSCC High School Completion $26,279 (More)
WINSKILL MELANIE Elementary Teacher Baker $47,009 (More)
WINSLOW AUDREY Office/Clerical $27,795 (More)
WINSLOW JOHN Secondary Teacher Washington Virtual Academy Omak Middle School $56,650 (More)
WINSLOW KATHLEEN Elementary Principal Sumas Elementary $92,750 (More)
WINSLOW LEON Service Worker $29,765 (More)
WINSLOW NATALIE Secondary Teacher Park Place Middle School $61,940 (More)
WINSLOW ROSEMARY Counselor Lake Stevens Middle School $69,979 (More)
WINSLOW SCOTT Secondary Teacher Central Valley High School $67,105 (More)
WINSLOW SHARI Secondary Teacher Thomas Jefferson High School $43,438 (More)
WINSLOW SIMONA Operator $14,227 (More)
WINSLOW STEPHANIE Secondary Teacher Cedar Heights Jh $70,909 (More)
WINSLOW THOMAS Elementary Teacher Ahtanum Valley Elementary $40,306 (More)
WINSOR LANE Secondary Teacher Pasco Senior High School $60,724 (More)
WINSOR LUCAS Aide Harbour Pointe Middle School $20,662 (More)
WINSOR PAUL Service Worker Explorer Middle School $45,427 (More)
WINSPER MARIAN Secondary Teacher Central Kitsap High School $70,150 (More)
WINSTANLEY AMY Elementary Teacher Clyde Hill Elementary $57,005 (More)
WINSTEAD ANTHONY Technical $55,078 (More)
WINSTEAD EILEEN Office/Clerical Riverview Elementary School $33,262 (More)
WINSTEAD ORVILLE Aide Ellsworth Elementary School $10,881 (More)
WINSTON ANGELA Aide Sunset Elementary School $8,233 (More)
WINSTON JOHN Service Worker $33,246 (More)
WINSTON MICHAEL Secondary Teacher Sylvester Middle School $72,398 (More)
WINSTON PATRICIA Aide Hanford High School $18,081 (More)
WINSTON ROBERT Psychologist Prairie High School $72,398 (More)
WINSTON SR GARY Service Worker Walla Walla High School $25,054 (More)
WINTCH NOREEN Professional $73,003 (More)