School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2014-2015 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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  • "Total pay" is the total amount of annual pay, including certificated base pay, classified base pay and pay for secondary jobs and additional time and responsibility. It does not include overtime for hourly workers.
  • "Position" is the primary assignment for the employee (some employees have multiple assignments).
  • "Insurance Benefits" includes liability, life, health, health care, accident, disability, and salary protection.
  • "Other Benefits" includes mandatory benefits, including social security, Medicare, employee retirement, industrial insurance and unemployment compensation.
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Last Name First Name Position School District Total Pay  
ABBOTT NICOLE Aide Evergreen School District (Clark) $2,992 (More)
ABBOTT PAMELA Secondary Teacher Bremerton School District $82,854 (More)
ABBOTT RAMONA Elementary Teacher Omak School District $39,694 (More)
ABBOTT ROSEMARY Office/Clerical Tumwater School District $63,738 (More)
ABBOTT SAMANTHA Elementary Teacher Monroe School District $79,402 (More)
ABBOTT TARA Secondary Teacher Eastmont School District $49,271 (More)
ABBOTT NELSON CHERYL Elementary Teacher Burlington-Edison School District $79,663 (More)
ABBOTT-EPPERSON GINA Elementary Teacher Bethel School District $58,049 (More)
ABDAL-WAHED NAHLAH Aide Central Valley School District $9,359 (More)
ABDALLA MOHAMED Service Worker Seattle Public Schools $55,797 (More)
ABDALLH SALIH Service Worker Seattle Public Schools $30,511 (More)
ABDELLA TRACY Elementary Teacher Clover Park School District $74,484 (More)
ABDI ABDIKHADAR Aide Seattle Public Schools $35,212 (More)
ABDI FARAH Aide Seattle Public Schools $37,054 (More)
ABDI MARY Elementary Teacher Northshore School District $36,271 (More)
ABDI SHUKRI Elementary Teacher Renton School District $45,227 (More)
ABDI TAYIB Service Worker Seattle Public Schools $37,831 (More)
ABDIRAHMAN KHADIJO Aide Seattle Public Schools $38,884 (More)
ABDIRAHMAN MOHAMUD Aide Seattle Public Schools $32,697 (More)
ABDNOR LAURA Service Worker East Valley School District (Spokane) $8,623 (More)
ABDO BAILEY Elementary Teacher Lake Stevens School District $46,515 (More)
ABDO ERNEST Elementary Teacher Yakima School District $66,327 (More)
ABDO JANE Aide Yakima School District $19,785 (More)
ABDUL RAHMAN Technical Highline School District $67,298 (More)
ABDUL-ALIM KAMILAH Elementary Teacher Seattle Public Schools $95,847 (More)
ABDUL-AZIZ PARVEEN Service Worker Shoreline School District $6,940 (More)
ABDULAZIZ SAZAN Office/Clerical Kent School District $11,570 (More)
ABDULLAH MARGUERITE Office/Clerical Seattle Public Schools $53,793 (More)
ABDULLAHI ABDULWALI Aide Seattle Public Schools $37,660 (More)
ABDULWAHHAB KAWTHER Aide Kent School District $14,629 (More)
ABE CLAIRE Counselor Seattle Public Schools $69,199 (More)
ABE JAY Service Worker Clover Park School District $46,271 (More)
ABE SUSAN Office/Clerical Lake Washington School District $32,708 (More)
ABEGGLEN KIMBERLY Secondary Teacher Hockinson School District $58,000 (More)
ABEL BRENDA Office/Clerical Peninsula School District $30,980 (More)
ABEL CHRISTINE Elementary Teacher Battle Ground School District $46,952 (More)
ABEL DONNA Operator Goldendale School District $13,387 (More)
ABEL ERIN Counselor North Thurston Public Schools $52,311 (More)
ABEL KAREN Aide Longview School District $16,961 (More)
ABEL KIMBERLY Aide Aberdeen School District $18,386 (More)
ABEL NICOLE Secondary Teacher Waitsburg School District $56,973 (More)
ABEL PAMELA Service Worker Spokane School District $30,645 (More)
ABELL ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher South Kitsap School District $53,662 (More)
ABELL KATHLEEN Aide Bainbridge Island School District $20,235 (More)
ABELL NANCY Operator Riverview School District $29,251 (More)
ABELLA NORMA Operator Evergreen School District (Clark) $22,813 (More)
ABELLA WENDI Office/Clerical Seattle Public Schools $56,964 (More)
ABELS BRAD Secondary Principal Lake Stevens School District $127,694 (More)
ABELS SONJA Elementary Teacher Lake Stevens School District $70,135 (More)
ABELSON KORRY Service Worker Bellingham School District $7,078 (More)
ABENDROTH CRYSTAL Elementary Teacher Everett School District $86,727 (More)
ABER DIANA Occupational Therapist North Kitsap School District $68,616 (More)
ABERASTURI RANDAL Crafts/Trades Spokane School District $59,848 (More)
ABERCROMBIE BILLIE Elementary Teacher Mount Baker School District $70,474 (More)
ABERCROMBIE TRACY Director/Supervisor Cusick School District $26,320 (More)
ABERLE KATRINA Secondary Teacher Selah School District $38,149 (More)
ABERN DAVID Crafts/Trades Issaquah School District $65,224 (More)
ABERNATHY KARYN Other Teacher North Thurston Public Schools $57,829 (More)
ABERNATHY MICHELLE Elem. Vice Principal Bellingham School District $104,852 (More)
ABERNATHY SCOTT Elementary Principal Kent School District $129,953 (More)
ABERNATHY SHANNON Other Teacher Spokane School District $43,732 (More)
ABERNATHY TERESA Aide Camas School District $19,598 (More)
ABERNETHY CINDY Office/Clerical Renton School District $29,169 (More)
ABERNETHY JAMES Elementary Teacher Kent School District $77,645 (More)
ABERNETHY-FRIEDMAN KARA Elementary Teacher Federal Way School District $80,248 (More)
ABERO SETH Secondary Teacher Lake Washington School District $77,405 (More)
ABERSOLD SPENCER Technical Peninsula School District $37,038 (More)
ABEYTA CHRISTINE Aide West Valley School District (Yakima) $8,445 (More)
ABEYTA MEAGAN Elementary Teacher West Valley School District (Yakima) $47,995 (More)
ABHOLD CHARLES Service Worker Yakima School District $45,719 (More)
ABIADOR RICHARD Professional Lake Washington School District $5,215 (More)
ABILA ALFREDO Professional Lake Washington School District $4,348 (More)
ABING MONIQUE Elementary Teacher Highline School District $63,129 (More)
ABLAN KARLIE Elementary Teacher Vancouver School District $46,180 (More)
ABLAN THOMAS Professional Kelso School District $15,000 (More)
ABLEIDINGER RACHEL Counselor Highline School District $59,534 (More)
ABLEMAN JUDITH Elementary Teacher Cheney School District $68,702 (More)
ABLEMAN KATHY Operator Meridian School District $26,949 (More)
ABLEMAN LINDA Elementary Teacher Cheney School District $64,613 (More)
ABLEMAN SHANE Operator Cheney School District $35,633 (More)
ABLER PETER Service Worker Clover Park School District $51,609 (More)
ABLES MICHAEL Professional Omak School District $6,810 (More)
ABLOTT KATHLEEN Other Teacher Seattle Public Schools $90,666 (More)
ABLUTZ KATHLEEN Technical Monroe School District $50,035 (More)
ABLY JESSICA Elementary Teacher Ocosta School District $68,403 (More)
ABNEY DEVIN Aide Renton School District $19,736 (More)
ABNEY WAYNE Secondary Teacher Grandview School District $71,012 (More)
ABOEL-NIL MONA Secondary Teacher Seattle Public Schools $78,104 (More)