School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
AMERINE JARED Other Teacher Shaw Middle School $45,949 (More)
AMES ANDREA Elementary Teacher Clovis Point $66,604 (More)
AMES ANDREA Secondary Teacher Meridian Middle School $54,948 (More)
AMES BETTE Library Media Specialist Kalles Junior High $75,878 (More)
AMES BRANDY Secondary Teacher Selah Junior High School $36,465 (More)
AMES CAROL Service Worker North Mason Senior High School $31,273 (More)
AMES CATHY Secondary Teacher Hazen Senior High School $66,566 (More)
AMES CONNIE Elementary Teacher Sunrise Elementary $62,792 (More)
AMES DEBRA Office/Clerical North Lake Middle School $21,915 (More)
AMES DENISE Office/Clerical $43,160 (More)
AMES DEVIN Other Teacher Serene Lake Elementary $45,620 (More)
AMES GAYLE Office/Clerical $39,624 (More)
AMES GINA Service Worker $9,632 (More)
AMES HOLLY Elementary Teacher Olympic Elementary $66,802 (More)
AMES INA Secondary Teacher Pasco Senior High School $69,173 (More)
AMES JOHN Elementary Teacher Brookside Elementary $71,220 (More)
AMES KENNETH Crafts/Trades $53,934 (More)
AMES KERRI Secondary Principal Barker Center $98,222 (More)
AMES LINDA Elementary Teacher Idlewild Elementary School $67,251 (More)
AMES LINN Elementary Teacher Eatonville Elementary School $61,786 (More)
AMES LYNNDEE Elementary Teacher Crystal Springs Elementary $77,345 (More)
AMES MICHAEL Secondary Teacher Gig Harbor High $42,322 (More)
AMES NICOLE Elementary Teacher Fords Prairie Elementary $59,908 (More)
AMES PAMELA Elementary Teacher Stevens Elementary School $87,282 (More)
AMES PATRICK Secondary Teacher Meridian High School $75,673 (More)
AMES RICHARD Secondary Teacher Coweeman Middle School $66,741 (More)
AMES ROBERT Professional Meridian High School $5,131 (More)
AMES SUSAN Professional Washington Elementary School $34,081 (More)
AMES THERESA Office/Clerical Rose Valley Elementary $30,181 (More)
AMES THOMAS Secondary Teacher Tolt Middle School $48,037 (More)
AMES TIMOTHY Superintendent Wellpinit High School $106,571 (More)
AMES TIMOTHY Secondary Teacher Nathan Hale High School $82,395 (More)
AMES VICKI Office/Clerical Olympia High School $30,325 (More)
AMES VICKIE Operator $12,443 (More)
AMESTOY MARGOT Elementary Teacher Sakai Intermediate $72,088 (More)
AMEZCUA VERONICA Aide Mount Rainier High School $24,074 (More)
AMICK EDWARD Professional North Kitsap High School $1,670 (More)
AMICK JOSEPH Professional North Kitsap High School $5,762 (More)
AMIDON BARBARA Counselor Reeves Middle School $66,103 (More)
AMIDON BENJAMIN Laborer SSCC High School Completion $6,089 (More)
AMIDON KATHLEEN Operator $14,096 (More)
AMIDON RICKY Service Worker Yelm Middle School $42,578 (More)
AMIDON TWILLA Service Worker Ridgeline Middle School $18,322 (More)
AMIN BENAZ Aide Home Program $13,355 (More)
AMINIAN KATHRYN Elementary Teacher John Hay Elementary School $76,889 (More)
AMIS LESLIE Office/Clerical South Kitsap High School $36,806 (More)
AMITUANAI JUDY Service Worker Fort Vancouver High School $20,950 (More)
AMITUANAI SAMOA Service Worker Harney Elementary School $39,770 (More)
AMITUANAI SARA Service Worker Benjamin Franklin Elementary $7,958 (More)
AMMANN-ANDERSON BIRGIT Service Worker Sumner Middle School $5,883 (More)
AMMERMAN CHEYENNE Elementary Teacher Mcclure Elementary School $55,824 (More)
AMMERMAN GARY Technical $57,491 (More)
AMMETER EARL Aide Chimacum High School $11,417 (More)
AMMON MONA Elementary Teacher Roosevelt Elementary $71,329 (More)
AMMONS EDWARD Technical SSCC High School Completion $55,994 (More)
AMMONS JESSICA Service Worker Washington Elementary School $8,063 (More)
AMMONS KRISSA Elementary Teacher Evergreen Elementary School $52,126 (More)
AMMONS LEEANN Other Teacher Columbia Heights Elementary $68,354 (More)
AMMONS RHONDA Service Worker Clear Lake Elementary School $17,112 (More)
AMMONS SUSAN Aide Washington Elementary School $18,737 (More)
AMMONS TORI Secondary Teacher Auburn Mountainview High School $62,825 (More)
AMO COREY Other Teacher Jason Lee $52,478 (More)
AMOAH-FORSON SONJA Counselor Perry G Keithley Middle School $75,526 (More)
AMON JEAN Office/Clerical $63,745 (More)
AMONDSON TERRY Director/Supervisor $77,000 (More)
AMORELLE LARCY Physical Therapist $73,398 (More)
AMOROSO MICHAEL Aide $7,345 (More)
AMOROSO RABIA Elementary Teacher Chief Umtuch Middle $44,120 (More)
AMOS DOROTHY Aide Daybreak Primary $13,022 (More)
AMOS DREW Service Worker Mcloughlin Middle School $36,816 (More)
AMOS JOAN Office/Clerical Highland High School $24,298 (More)
AMOS ROCHELLE Office/Clerical Cascade Middle School $28,695 (More)
AMOS TORY Elementary Teacher Westgate Elementary $46,445 (More)
AMOTH MERRY Aide Kentlake High School $11,431 (More)
AMOUROUX JEAN Crafts/Trades $61,478 (More)
AMPARO KALISA Elementary Teacher Maplewood Heights Elementary School $69,998 (More)
AMPE JEAN Elementary Teacher Wildwood Elementary $66,416 (More)
AMREN NORA Aide Kalama Jr Sr High $5,076 (More)
AMRINE BRYAN Counselor Madrona Heights PreSchool Program $74,199 (More)
AMRINE CHERYL Elementary Teacher R E Bennett Elementary $66,802 (More)
AMRINE GREGORY Crafts/Trades $48,878 (More)
AMRINE JAIME Other Teacher Centralia Middle School $47,229 (More)
AMRINE KRISTI Other Teacher Helen B. Stafford Elementary $50,825 (More)
AMRINE LILLIAN Counselor Gig Harbor High $71,523 (More)
AMRINE STEVEN Secondary Teacher Centralia High School $50,558 (More)
AMSBARY MARILYN Elementary Teacher Southgate Elementary School $71,294 (More)
AMSBERRY CAROL Aide Bellevue High School $19,384 (More)
AMSBURY CLAUDIA Service Worker Browne Elementary $21,887 (More)
AMSDEN FORREST Secondary Teacher Manson High School $68,802 (More)
AMSDEN KIMBERLY Elementary Teacher Ridgecrest Elementary $62,517 (More)
AMSDEN KIMBERLY Office/Clerical Roxhill Elementary School $33,096 (More)
AMSDEN MARK Aide Arbor Heights Elementary School $33,735 (More)
AMSDEN JR RICHARD Elementary Teacher Rocky Ridge Elementary $68,537 (More)
AMSDILL LANIE Service Worker Forks Middle School $32,989 (More)
AMSTADT MARY Elementary Teacher Mossyrock Elementary School $58,169 (More)
AMSTER-BURTON LAURIE Library Media Specialist Seattle World School $38,273 (More)
AMSTUTZ DENISE Secondary Teacher Inglewood Middle School $65,811 (More)
AMTOWER STEPHEN Service Worker Stanwood High School $37,054 (More)
AMUNDSEN ASHLEY Elementary Teacher Westhill Elementary $46,053 (More)
AMUNDSEN CAROLINE Elementary Teacher Thoreau Elementary $49,442 (More)