School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
ABRAM JASON Contractor Teacher Chief Leschi Schools $47,627 (More)
ABRAMOWITZ DANIELLE Elementary Teacher Highlands Elementary School $46,995 (More)
ABRAMS AMY Secondary Teacher Northwood Middle School $66,131 (More)
ABRAMS ASHLEY Secondary Teacher Moses Lake High School $54,029 (More)
ABRAMS RICHARD Psychologist Monroe High School $90,612 (More)
ABRAMS SAM Secondary Teacher Mead Senior High School $47,577 (More)
ABRAMS TRUDY Secondary Teacher Stanwood High School $72,995 (More)
ABRAMS HAMOND PATRICIA Secondary Teacher Sadie Halstead Middle School $62,783 (More)
ABRAMSON JANICE Office/Clerical $38,369 (More)
ABREGO MARTHA Physical Therapist $49,851 (More)
ABRERA MARIA Aide Camas Elementary $16,815 (More)
ABREU REBECCA Psychologist Mariner High School $80,117 (More)
ABRUSCATO SALVATORE Elementary Teacher A J West Elementary $58,790 (More)
ABSALONSON AUDREY Other Teacher Evergreen Middle School $67,011 (More)
ABSALONSON JUDY Office/Clerical $45,904 (More)
ABSALONSON RONALD Technical $50,683 (More)
ABSHER BETTY Office/Clerical Harrison Prep School $36,137 (More)
ABSTEN KATHRYN Other Support Personnel $83,651 (More)
ABSTON DEBRA Office/Clerical Wyeast Middle School $33,261 (More)
ABTS AMANDA Elementary Teacher Peter S Ogden Elementary $21,405 (More)
ABTS SUSAN Operator $17,985 (More)
ABU SULAIMAN Service Worker Newport Senior High School $35,690 (More)
ABUAN ALBERT Professional Bainbridge High School $5,202 (More)
ABUBAKAR AMIR Service Worker Sunrise Elementary $35,656 (More)
ACCARDO JOE Service Worker Orchard Middle School $32,802 (More)
ACCARDO JULEE Office/Clerical Orchard Middle School $37,744 (More)
ACCETTOLA FILOMENA Office/Clerical Interagency Programs $33,096 (More)
ACCETTULLO DOMINIC Elementary Teacher Woodmont K-8 School $75,020 (More)
ACCETTURO DIANA Aide Fryelands Elementary $19,846 (More)
ACCETTURO SUSAN Service Worker Elger Bay Elementary $9,222 (More)
ACCIMUS STEFANIE Other Teacher Carrolls Elementary $40,692 (More)
ACCUARDI JOSEPH Secondary Teacher Prairie High School $59,161 (More)
ACERO STEVE Service Worker Jefferson Elementary $38,189 (More)
ACEVEDO ALISON Operator $23,157 (More)
ACEVEDO CASEY Aide $15,295 (More)
ACEVEDO LORENA Service Worker Mark Twain Elementary $16,760 (More)
ACEVEDO SAMUEL Elementary Teacher Oakland High School $48,707 (More)
ACEVEDO SUSAN Elementary Teacher Sifton Elementary School $71,670 (More)
ACEVEDO MADRID LETICIA Aide Wa Center For Early Childhood Ed $13,099 (More)
ACEY DRESSEN KETHANNE Office/Clerical Educational Opportunity Center $26,947 (More)
ACH SUSAN Secondary Teacher John Sedgwick Junior High $70,634 (More)
ACHELPOHL CRISTINA Service Worker $31,117 (More)
ACHELPOHL JOSEPH Other Teacher Chinook Middle School $60,419 (More)
ACHELPOHL KEVIN Service Worker $35,672 (More)
ACHENBACH CONNIE Elementary Teacher Washington Elementary School $60,279 (More)
ACHESON CHARLES Secondary Teacher Ellensburg High School $44,386 (More)
ACHESON ERIN Secondary Teacher Cascade High School $73,202 (More)
ACHMAN DENISE Aide North Tapps Middle School $26,292 (More)
ACHOLONU COSMAS Service Worker Bear Creek Elementary $36,439 (More)
ACHONDO LINDA Other Support Personnel Morris Schott Elementary $62,831 (More)
ACKER DEBORAH Elementary Teacher North Pines Middle School $68,446 (More)
ACKER JAMIE Secondary Teacher Olympic High School $69,055 (More)
ACKER KIRA Director/Supervisor $98,686 (More)
ACKER RANDALL Service Worker $43,098 (More)
ACKER SUSAN Elementary Teacher Jane Addams K-8 $87,282 (More)
ACKERMAN BRADLEY Secondary Teacher Eisenhower High School $61,969 (More)
ACKERMAN CHRISTOPHER Elementary Teacher Jefferson Elementary $72,398 (More)
ACKERMAN DARLENE Director/Supervisor $23,697 (More)
ACKERMAN JANET Operator Quilcene High And Elementary $16,322 (More)
ACKERMAN JOAN Elementary Teacher George T. Daniel Elementary School $57,519 (More)
ACKERMAN JOYCE Aide $18,368 (More)
ACKERMAN KATHY Other Teacher $89,389 (More)
ACKERMAN KELLIE Elementary Teacher Liberty Lake Elementary $70,796 (More)
ACKERMAN TRAVIS Professional Nooksack Valley High School $3,473 (More)
ACKERMAN WILLIAM Service Worker $55,952 (More)
ACKERSON CHERYL Aide Garfield Elementary School $23,125 (More)
ACKERSON ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Woodland Elementary $43,615 (More)
ACKERSON KATY Library Media Specialist Parkview Elementary School $68,346 (More)
ACKERSON LARRY Laborer $46,564 (More)
ACKERSON PENNY Elementary Teacher George T. Daniel Elementary School $64,252 (More)
ACKLEY ALISHA Secondary Teacher Meadowdale Middle School $68,667 (More)
ACKLEY DANIEL Director/Supervisor $8,372 (More)
ACKLEY GENELLE Operator $20,566 (More)
ACKLEY JASON Service Worker Skyview High School $36,674 (More)
ACKLEY MORGAN Secondary Teacher Woodinville HS $56,127 (More)
ACKLEY SHELBY Elementary Teacher Cougar Ridge Elementary $43,466 (More)
ACKMAN ROSEMARIE Elementary Teacher Seven Oaks Elementary $48,843 (More)
ACORD KYLE Secondary Teacher Liberty Bell Jr Sr High $63,839 (More)
ACORD LEAH Office/Clerical Columbia Virtual Academy $27,040 (More)
ACORN GREGORY Service Worker Stevens Middle School $26,223 (More)
ACOSTA ADAM Secondary Teacher Cascade Middle School $63,387 (More)
ACOSTA AMANDA Aide Chief Kamiakin Elementary School $19,777 (More)
ACOSTA ANN Elementary Teacher Lucille Umbarger Elementary $63,865 (More)
ACOSTA ANNA Counselor Wapato Middle School $46,841 (More)
ACOSTA COLEEN Operator $32,369 (More)
ACOSTA ELAINE Psychologist Lincoln Elementary School $50,345 (More)
ACOSTA JENNEVIEVE Other Teacher Marvista Elementary $51,576 (More)
ACOSTA JESUS Professional Toppenish High School $7,118 (More)
ACOSTA JILL Aide Wahitis Elementary School $19,091 (More)
ACOSTA JOANN Secondary Teacher Madison Middle School $77,474 (More)
ACOSTA JOHNNY Secondary Teacher Everett High School $82,291 (More)
ACOSTA JOSE Secondary Teacher Sunnyside High School $50,523 (More)
ACOSTA STACIE Elementary Teacher Dutch Hill Elementary $42,855 (More)
ACOSTA VICENTE Other Teacher Toppenish Middle School $67,652 (More)
ACREE ERYNN Counselor Carson Elementary $65,114 (More)
ACREE HABRYLE SARA Other Teacher Lake Youngs Elementary School $71,551 (More)
ACRES ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Rosa Parks Elementary $61,148 (More)
ACRES KATHERINE Other Teacher Lakeview Terrace Elementary $60,232 (More)
ACTON ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Poulsbo Middle School $69,273 (More)
ACTON EMMA Service Worker Richland High School $15,678 (More)