School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
ACCETTURO SUSAN Service Worker Elger Bay Elementary $10,154 (More)
ACCIMUS STEFANIE Other Teacher Rose Valley Elementary $44,602 (More)
ACCUARDI-GILLIAM JOSEPH Other Teacher Columbia River High $56,826 (More)
ACERO STEVE Service Worker Jefferson Elementary $39,315 (More)
ACEVEDO ALISA Elementary Teacher Evergreen Heights Elementary $74,822 (More)
ACEVEDO JAVIER Elementary Teacher Larchmont $43,919 (More)
ACEVEDO KACY Secondary Teacher Skyline High School $45,604 (More)
ACEVEDO LISA Secondary Teacher Ferndale High School $54,659 (More)
ACEVEDO LORENA Service Worker Mark Twain Elementary $19,854 (More)
ACEVEDO ORISS Elementary Teacher Madison Elementary $43,052 (More)
ACEVEDO SAMUEL Secondary Teacher Mt Tahoma $52,952 (More)
ACEVEDO MADRID LETICIA Aide Ellensburg Developmental Preschool $13,066 (More)
ACEVES MICHAEL Aide Forks High School $16,094 (More)
ACEY DRESSEN KETHANNE Office/Clerical Educational Opportunity Center $28,711 (More)
ACH SUSAN Secondary Teacher John Sedgwick Junior High $72,212 (More)
ACHELPOHL JOSEPH Other Teacher Odle Middle School $67,526 (More)
ACHENBACH CONNIE Elementary Teacher Washington Elementary School $61,447 (More)
ACHESON CHARLES Secondary Teacher Ellensburg High School $45,832 (More)
ACHESON ERIN Secondary Teacher Cascade High School $79,756 (More)
ACHMAN DENISE Aide North Tapps Middle School $26,843 (More)
ACHOLONU COSMAS Service Worker Bear Creek Elementary $37,532 (More)
ACHONDO LINDA Elem. Vice Principal Red Rock Elementary $73,000 (More)
ACHZIGER JAMIE Professional La Center High School $2,383 (More)
ACK DIANE Secondary Teacher Shorecrest High School $34,470 (More)
ACKAERT PAULA Aide Madrona Heights PreSchool Program $19,871 (More)
ACKER CHARLES Aide Harbour Pointe Middle School $12,542 (More)
ACKER DEBORAH Secondary Teacher North Pines Middle School $69,489 (More)
ACKER JAMIE Secondary Teacher Olympic High School $72,588 (More)
ACKER MATTHEW Professional Timberline High School $5,510 (More)
ACKER SUSAN Elementary Teacher Jane Addams K-8 $85,636 (More)
ACKERMAN BRADLEY Secondary Teacher Eisenhower High School $65,860 (More)
ACKERMAN CHRISTOPHER Elementary Teacher Jefferson Elementary $74,923 (More)
ACKERMAN DAVID Secondary Teacher Franklin High School $24,494 (More)
ACKERMAN JANET Operator Quilcene High And Elementary $19,717 (More)
ACKERMAN KELLIE Elementary Teacher Liberty Lake Elementary $71,789 (More)
ACKERMAN LAURIE Elementary Teacher Mint Valley Elementary $47,359 (More)
ACKERMAN SHANNON Elementary Teacher Oak Harbor Elementary $39,167 (More)
ACKERMAN TRAVIS Professional Nooksack Valley High School $3,473 (More)
ACKERSON CHERYL Aide Garfield Elementary School $24,129 (More)
ACKERSON ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Woodland Elementary $48,419 (More)
ACKERSON KATY Library Media Specialist Kulshan Middle School $75,655 (More)
ACKERSON PENNY Elementary Teacher George T. Daniel Elementary School $75,846 (More)
ACKERSON SHARI Aide Muir Elementary $1,689 (More)
ACKLEY ALISHA Secondary Teacher Meadowdale Middle School $73,110 (More)
ACKLEY JASON Service Worker Sarah J Anderson Elementary $40,976 (More)
ACKLEY JESSICA Other Teacher Cascade Ridge Elementary $44,088 (More)
ACKLEY MORGAN Secondary Teacher Woodinville HS $73,615 (More)
ACKLEY REBECCA Elementary Teacher Woodland Primary $34,506 (More)
ACKLEY SHELBY Elementary Teacher Cougar Ridge Elementary $47,090 (More)
ACKMAN ROSEMARIE Elementary Teacher Seven Oaks Elementary $54,184 (More)
ACORD KYLE Secondary Teacher Liberty Bell Jr Sr High $59,786 (More)
ACORD MICHAEL Secondary Teacher Othello High School $64,174 (More)
ACORN GREGORY Service Worker Dry Creek Elementary $26,223 (More)
ACOSTA ADAM Secondary Teacher Cascade Middle School $66,560 (More)
ACOSTA AMANDA Aide Chief Kamiakin Elementary School $20,774 (More)
ACOSTA ANN Elementary Teacher Lucille Umbarger Elementary $72,880 (More)
ACOSTA ELSA Aide Davis Elementary $15,196 (More)
ACOSTA JASON Professional McMurray Middle School $1,059 (More)
ACOSTA JENNEVIEVE Other Teacher Marvista Elementary $56,417 (More)
ACOSTA JESUS Professional Toppenish Middle School $4,759 (More)
ACOSTA JILL Aide Wahitis Elementary School $19,634 (More)
ACOSTA JOANN Elementary Teacher Madison Middle School $84,373 (More)
ACOSTA JOHNNY Secondary Teacher Henry M. Jackson High School $86,486 (More)
ACOSTA JOSE Secondary Teacher Sunnyside High School $49,674 (More)
ACOSTA SARAH Aide Graham Elementary $18,164 (More)
ACOSTA STACIE Elementary Teacher Sunnycrest Elementary School $43,772 (More)
ACOSTA VICENTE Secondary Teacher McFarland Middle School $64,174 (More)
ACOSTA-DRISCOLL ANNA Counselor Wapato Middle School $49,091 (More)
ACREE HABRYLE SARA Other Teacher Lake Youngs Elementary School $79,345 (More)
ACRES ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Wilder Elementary $65,334 (More)
ACRES KATHERINE Other Support Personnel Lakeview Terrace Elementary $48,859 (More)
ACTON EMMA Service Worker Richland High School $16,052 (More)
ACTON IDA Secondary Teacher Federal Way High School $49,767 (More)
ACTON PATRICIA Office/Clerical Oak Harbor High School $33,591 (More)
ACUFF KEVIN Secondary Principal Elma High School $93,726 (More)
ACUFF KIMBERLY Psychologist Elma Middle School $68,758 (More)
ACUNA DONNA Elementary Teacher Sky Valley Education Center $65,743 (More)
ACUNA SHELBY Office/Clerical Green Gables Elementary School $27,626 (More)
ACUNA-KAHLER CHEIRIS Secondary Teacher Todd Beamer High School $68,097 (More)
ADAIR DANIELLE Library Media Specialist Woodin Elementary $46,120 (More)
ADAIR STEVEN Service Worker Capt Johnston Blakely Elem Sch $43,950 (More)
ADAIR VICTORIA Aide Whittier Elementary School $31,419 (More)
ADALSTEINSSON CINDY Service Worker Sunset Elementary $20,630 (More)
ADAM CECILIA Counselor Tahoma Senior High School $68,320 (More)
ADAM ERIC Elementary Teacher La Conner Elementary $66,628 (More)
ADAM GULNAR Aide Rosa Parks Elementary $15,943 (More)
ADAM REGINA Secondary Teacher Federal Way High School $52,451 (More)
ADAM SALLY Aide Chautauqua Elementary $20,045 (More)
ADAM SPENSER Secondary Teacher Enumclaw Sr High School $41,191 (More)
ADAM TAMMY Aide Graham Elementary $5,319 (More)
ADAMCHAK AMANDA Elementary Teacher Eatonville Elementary School $53,607 (More)
ADAME LUCILVA Aide Lakeview Terrace Elementary $18,276 (More)
ADAMEK CARLEY Elementary Teacher Cashmere Middle School $52,063 (More)
ADAMEK JULIE Aide Creekside Elementary $12,666 (More)
ADAMICH ALLISON Elementary Teacher Hamilton Elementary $44,675 (More)
ADAMICH JANICE Aide Roosevelt Elementary School $7,733 (More)
ADAMO STEPHEN Secondary Teacher Shorecrest High School $65,646 (More)
ADAMOVA LIANA Elementary Teacher Ridgewood Elementary School $40,668 (More)
ADAMS AARON Secondary Teacher Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center $49,187 (More)
ADAMS ADRIANE Elementary Teacher Christensen Elementary $45,680 (More)