School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
ADAMS LAURA Elementary Teacher Montlake Elementary School $78,440 (More)
ADAMS LAURENE Elementary Teacher Evergreen Elementary School $60,648 (More)
ADAMS LEATHA Aide East Valley High School $19,431 (More)
ADAMS LEONETTE Elementary Teacher Kirkwood Elementary School $23,414 (More)
ADAMS LESLIE Secondary Teacher Odle Middle School $76,998 (More)
ADAMS LORALEE Aide Neely O Brien Elementary School $19,221 (More)
ADAMS LORI Elementary Teacher Stanley $87,215 (More)
ADAMS LORI Elementary Teacher Stanley $67,116 (More)
ADAMS LORIANNE Counselor Wapato Middle School $48,608 (More)
ADAMS LOTTIE Service Worker Steilacoom High $40,040 (More)
ADAMS MARIA Elementary Teacher Bemiss $48,824 (More)
ADAMS MARIJO Office/Clerical Peter S Ogden Elementary $35,412 (More)
ADAMS MARK Elementary Teacher Endeavour Intermediate $76,084 (More)
ADAMS MARK Professional Endeavour Intermediate $3,376 (More)
ADAMS MARTINA Secondary Teacher Intl Sch of Communications $49,410 (More)
ADAMS MATTHEW Elementary Teacher Frank Love Elementary $67,086 (More)
ADAMS MAVIA Aide Central Valley High School $19,324 (More)
ADAMS MCKENNA Secondary Teacher Nooksack Valley Middle School $45,834 (More)
ADAMS MEGAN Secondary Teacher Kamiak High School $94,197 (More)
ADAMS MERI Other Teacher Kulshan Middle School $21,308 (More)
ADAMS MICHELE Aide Stevenson High School $5,353 (More)
ADAMS MICHELE Aide Stevenson High School $3,941 (More)
ADAMS MIKE Service Worker Adams Elementary School $34,632 (More)
ADAMS MOLLY Aide Woodland Intermediate School $16,161 (More)
ADAMS NANCY Other Teacher Madison Elementary $42,034 (More)
ADAMS NICOLE Secondary Teacher Sequoyah Middle School $48,717 (More)
ADAMS PAMELA Office/Clerical The Community School $31,671 (More)
ADAMS PATRICE Aide Des Moines Elementary $14,090 (More)
ADAMS PATTI Secondary Teacher Deer Park Middle School $71,591 (More)
ADAMS RACHEL Aide Monument Elementary $13,677 (More)
ADAMS RAELYN Service Worker Green Gables Elementary School $6,235 (More)
ADAMS REBECCA Elementary Teacher Central Elementary School $59,777 (More)
ADAMS RHONDA Elementary Teacher Pacific Beach Elementary School $42,506 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Counselor Lewis & Clark High School $80,910 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Technical Lewis & Clark High School $76,155 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Secondary Teacher Lewis & Clark High School $49,526 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Professional Lewis & Clark High School $5,766 (More)
ADAMS RONALD Aide K-5 STEM at Boren $36,762 (More)
ADAMS RYAN Secondary Teacher McLane Elementary School $72,631 (More)
ADAMS RYAN Aide McLane Elementary School $11,670 (More)
ADAMS SACHEEN Elementary Teacher Shining Mountain Elementary $36,022 (More)
ADAMS SAMUEL Secondary Teacher Monroe High School $74,891 (More)
ADAMS SAMUEL Secondary Teacher Monroe High School $67,583 (More)
ADAMS SARA Psychologist East Olympia Elementary $57,940 (More)
ADAMS SARA Other Teacher East Olympia Elementary $41,298 (More)
ADAMS SARAH Elementary Teacher Jefferson Elementary $26,124 (More)
ADAMS SCOTT Other Teacher Jemtegaard Middle School $38,286 (More)
ADAMS SETH Secondary Principal Issaquah Middle School $117,725 (More)
ADAMS SHANNON Elementary Teacher Audubon Elementary $41,410 (More)
ADAMS SHARON Aide Roosevelt Elementary School $11,309 (More)
ADAMS SHELLEY Aide Stevens Middle School $20,264 (More)
ADAMS SHERI Counselor Glacier Peak High School $92,260 (More)
ADAMS SHERRY Elementary Principal Cottonwood Elementary School $103,792 (More)
ADAMS SOFIA Aide Vinland Elementary $10,953 (More)
ADAMS SONJA Aide Mountlake Terrace Elementary $21,611 (More)
ADAMS STACEY Counselor Oakland Bay Junior High School $72,087 (More)
ADAMS STEPHEN Secondary Teacher Ferndale High School $74,743 (More)
ADAMS STEVI Aide Hillcrest Special Services Center $23,760 (More)
ADAMS SUSAN Elementary Teacher Hawthorne Elementary School $69,165 (More)
ADAMS SUSAN Counselor Hawthorne Elementary School $65,451 (More)
ADAMS SUSAN Library Media Specialist Hawthorne Elementary School $43,436 (More)
ADAMS SUSAN Professional Hawthorne Elementary School $27,322 (More)
ADAMS TELEIA Aide Dallesport Elementary $21,591 (More)
ADAMS TERESA Office/Clerical Rogers High School $45,176 (More)
ADAMS TERRI Service Worker Discovery Middle School $30,426 (More)
ADAMS TERRI Operator Discovery Middle School $27,850 (More)
ADAMS TERRY Service Worker Kelso High School $13,596 (More)
ADAMS THERESE Elementary Teacher Fryelands Elementary $86,305 (More)
ADAMS THOMAS Secondary Principal Centennial Middle School $117,550 (More)
ADAMS THOMAS Secondary Vice Principal Centennial Middle School $108,976 (More)
ADAMS THOMAS Office/Clerical Centennial Middle School $29,937 (More)
ADAMS THOMAS Professional Centennial Middle School $4,854 (More)
ADAMS TIFFANY Secondary Teacher Mount Si High School $51,256 (More)
ADAMS TIMOTHY Technical North Kitsap High School $66,800 (More)
ADAMS TIMOTHY Secondary Teacher North Kitsap High School $64,678 (More)
ADAMS TRACEY Aide Leonard M Jennings Elementary $6,767 (More)
ADAMS TRACI Aide Chinook Elementary School $13,962 (More)
ADAMS TRICIA Elementary Teacher Reed $82,154 (More)
ADAMS VENDALYN Other Teacher Evergreen Heights Elementary $79,104 (More)
ADAMS W Service Worker Sky Valley Education Center $43,181 (More)
ADAMS WENDY Secondary Teacher Inglewood Middle School $42,991 (More)
ADAMS GRIGGS KAREN Other Teacher Avanti High School $72,767 (More)
ADAMS III LEE Aide Franklin High School $41,314 (More)
ADAMS LOMAN KATRINA Elementary Teacher Brookdale Elementary $42,806 (More)
ADAMS-AHLERS SANDRA Elementary Teacher Karshner Elementary $78,934 (More)
ADAMS-CROSSON VICKIE Aide George T. Daniel Elementary School $12,814 (More)
ADAMS-HEDRICK KATY Library Media Specialist Hofstetter Elementary $64,503 (More)
ADAMS-JORDANGER JULIA Psychologist Sunnycrest Elementary School $87,926 (More)
ADAMSKI MARNIE Elementary Teacher Sheridan $64,037 (More)
ADAMSKI MICHELE Service Worker Bremerton High School $24,020 (More)
ADAMSON APRIL Elementary Teacher Moxee Elementary $62,822 (More)
ADAMSON CARRIE Aide Stewart $21,398 (More)
ADAMSON DEBRA Other Teacher South Kitsap High School $76,563 (More)
ADAMSON JAMES Secondary Teacher Central Kitsap High School $72,879 (More)
ADAMSON JAMES Elementary Teacher Central Kitsap High School $22,662 (More)
ADAMSON LESLIE Secondary Teacher Options High School $42,791 (More)
ADAMSON NANCY Secondary Teacher Tahoma Middle School $36,921 (More)
ADAMSON REBECCA Office/Clerical Whittier Elementary School $26,373 (More)
ADAMSON ROBERT Elementary Principal Terrace Heights Elementary $98,044 (More)
ADAMSON SCOTT Secondary Teacher Cusick Jr Sr High School $64,174 (More)