School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
ADAMS KAREN Secondary Teacher $47,876 (More)
ADAMS KAREN Aide West View Elementary $19,251 (More)
ADAMS KATHRYN Office/Clerical $45,043 (More)
ADAMS KATHY Secondary Teacher Bellevue High School $70,073 (More)
ADAMS KATHY Elementary Teacher Griffin School $60,596 (More)
ADAMS KATIE Elementary Teacher Hedden Elementary School $48,256 (More)
ADAMS KAY Office/Clerical $45,386 (More)
ADAMS KAYLIEN Aide Franklin Pierce High School $20,788 (More)
ADAMS KELLIE Elementary Teacher Lakeview Elementary $59,619 (More)
ADAMS KELLY Secondary Teacher Newport Senior High School $80,062 (More)
ADAMS KELLY Service Worker Evergreen Elementary $4,561 (More)
ADAMS KIM Service Worker $32,162 (More)
ADAMS KIMBERLY Secondary Teacher Glacier Middle School $80,844 (More)
ADAMS KIMBERLY Aide Beacon Avenue Elementary School $18,021 (More)
ADAMS KRISTIN Service Worker La Venture Middle School $8,412 (More)
ADAMS LAURA Elementary Teacher Montlake Elementary School $79,221 (More)
ADAMS LAUREN Aide Marcus Whitman-Cowiche Elementary $14,919 (More)
ADAMS LAURENE Elementary Teacher Evergreen Elementary School $55,810 (More)
ADAMS LEATHA Aide East Valley Enrichment Center $17,117 (More)
ADAMS LELANE Operator $20,576 (More)
ADAMS LEONARD Operator $15,170 (More)
ADAMS LEONETTE Elementary Teacher Kirkwood Elementary School $60,859 (More)
ADAMS LESLEY Secondary Teacher Kentridge High School $6,428 (More)
ADAMS LESLIE Secondary Teacher Odle Middle School $69,172 (More)
ADAMS LINDA Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. View Ridge Elementary $89,605 (More)
ADAMS LISA Elementary Teacher Prune Hill Elem $39,997 (More)
ADAMS LORALEE Aide Neely O Brien Elementary School $17,784 (More)
ADAMS LORI Elementary Teacher Pioneer Elementary $82,467 (More)
ADAMS LORI Elementary Teacher Dick Scobee Elementary School $59,295 (More)
ADAMS LOTTIE Service Worker Steilacoom High $37,274 (More)
ADAMS LYNNE Office/Clerical La Center High School $26,259 (More)
ADAMS MARIJO Office/Clerical Peter S Ogden Elementary $32,885 (More)
ADAMS MARK Elementary Teacher Endeavour Intermediate $72,286 (More)
ADAMS MARTINA Secondary Teacher Intl Sch of Communications $43,773 (More)
ADAMS MATTHEW Elementary Teacher Frank Love Elementary $58,244 (More)
ADAMS MAVIA Aide Central Valley High School $17,825 (More)
ADAMS MCKENNA Secondary Teacher Nooksack Valley Middle School $47,049 (More)
ADAMS MEGAN Secondary Teacher Kamiak High School $86,556 (More)
ADAMS MELISSA Operator SSCC High School Completion $13,194 (More)
ADAMS MICHAEL Elementary Teacher Willard Elementary $58,738 (More)
ADAMS MICHAELENE Office/Clerical $44,927 (More)
ADAMS MICHELE Aide Stevens Elementary $3,567 (More)
ADAMS MICHELLE Operator Apollo Elementary $16,594 (More)
ADAMS MICHELLE Operator $14,674 (More)
ADAMS MIKE Service Worker Wilson Middle School $34,340 (More)
ADAMS NANCY Elementary Teacher Madison Elementary $32,546 (More)
ADAMS NAOMI Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. $90,248 (More)
ADAMS PAMELA Office/Clerical Shaw Middle School $27,402 (More)
ADAMS PATRICE Aide Des Moines Elementary $10,375 (More)
ADAMS PATTI Secondary Teacher Deer Park Middle School $61,645 (More)
ADAMS PAULINA Elementary Teacher Roosevelt $78,855 (More)
ADAMS REBECCA Nurse $54,298 (More)
ADAMS REBECCA Elementary Teacher Concord International School $48,079 (More)
ADAMS RHONDA Elementary Teacher Ocean Shores Elementary $39,731 (More)
ADAMS RITA Elementary Teacher Spanaway Elementary $39,197 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Counselor Lewis & Clark High School $79,374 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Professional $76,155 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Elementary Teacher Northeast Tacoma $74,028 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Other Teacher Blaine High School $55,538 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Secondary Teacher Olympic Middle School $41,866 (More)
ADAMS ROBERT Professional Lynden High School $4,853 (More)
ADAMS RONALD Elementary Teacher Concord International School $83,393 (More)
ADAMS RYAN Secondary Teacher Leota Jr High $68,722 (More)
ADAMS SALLY Aide Glenwood Heights Primary $15,658 (More)
ADAMS SAMUEL Secondary Teacher Monroe High School $65,774 (More)
ADAMS SAMUEL Secondary Teacher Charles Francis Adams High School $65,753 (More)
ADAMS SARA Psychologist $56,449 (More)
ADAMS SARA Elementary Teacher East Olympia Elementary $37,639 (More)
ADAMS SARAH Elementary Teacher Cathcart Elementary $22,376 (More)
ADAMS SETH Secondary Vice Principal Kirkland Middle School $99,475 (More)
ADAMS SHANNON Elementary Teacher Audubon Elementary $37,782 (More)
ADAMS SHARON Aide Roosevelt Elementary School $12,337 (More)
ADAMS SHAYNE Crafts/Trades $49,419 (More)
ADAMS SHELLEY Aide Stevens Middle School $12,193 (More)
ADAMS SHERA Office/Clerical $39,146 (More)
ADAMS SHERI Counselor Glacier Peak High School $85,962 (More)
ADAMS SHERRY Elementary Principal Cottonwood Elementary School $99,408 (More)
ADAMS SONJA Aide Mountlake Terrace Elementary $20,865 (More)
ADAMS STACEY Counselor Oakland Bay Junior High School $69,369 (More)
ADAMS STEPHEN Secondary Teacher Ferndale High School $72,191 (More)
ADAMS STEVEN Operator $9,662 (More)
ADAMS SUSAN Counselor Bemiss $71,329 (More)
ADAMS SUSAN Counselor Hawthorne Elementary School $66,424 (More)
ADAMS SUSAN Elementary Teacher Captain Strong $61,440 (More)
ADAMS SUSAN Library Media Specialist Scootney Springs Elementary $37,073 (More)
ADAMS SUSAN Office/Clerical Hudson's Bay High School $32,710 (More)
ADAMS TAMARA Aide Seth Woodard Elementary $11,454 (More)
ADAMS TELEIA Aide Dallesport Elementary $23,838 (More)
ADAMS TERESA Office/Clerical Rogers High School $42,961 (More)
ADAMS TERRI Operator Discovery Middle School $29,433 (More)
ADAMS TERRI Operator $27,272 (More)
ADAMS TERRY Service Worker Kelso High School $13,201 (More)
ADAMS THERESE Elementary Teacher Fryelands Elementary $81,573 (More)
ADAMS THOMAS Secondary Principal Jefferson Middle School $112,618 (More)
ADAMS THOMAS Secondary Vice Principal Curtis Senior High $96,766 (More)
ADAMS THOMAS Office/Clerical Meridian Park Elementary School $28,332 (More)
ADAMS THOMAS Office/Clerical Centennial Middle School $2,381 (More)
ADAMS TIMOTHY Professional $63,984 (More)
ADAMS TIMOTHY Professional $57,699 (More)
ADAMS TIMOTHY Secondary Teacher Kingston High School $55,844 (More)