School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
KOMSTADIUS JENNEIFER Elementary Teacher Wide Hollow Elementary $69,162 (More)
KON KAYLA Elementary Teacher Melvin G Syre Elementary $45,676 (More)
KONARSKA STEFANIE Other Teacher Nathan Hale High School $52,777 (More)
KONCILJA TRACY Other Teacher Madison Middle School $69,508 (More)
KONDO CHRISTY Aide Ferris High School $19,161 (More)
KONDO ELIZABETH AN Elementary Teacher Mountain View Elementary $59,762 (More)
KONDO KATHLEEN Aide Scootney Springs Elementary $15,499 (More)
KONDO MARK Counselor Quincy High School $70,948 (More)
KONDO MARK Secondary Teacher Quincy High School $61,620 (More)
KONDRAT CHRISTINE Other Teacher Arlington $78,241 (More)
KONDRATYUK YEUGENIYA Service Worker Perry G Keithley Middle School $19,049 (More)
KONDRO ED Elementary Teacher Toutle Lake High School $66,039 (More)
KONEN JULIA Elementary Teacher Mountain View Elementary $37,643 (More)
KONEN RONDA Other Teacher School for the Entrepreneur $90,403 (More)
KONG JONATHAN Professional Mercer Island High School $3,075 (More)
KONG MELANIE Secondary Teacher Henry M. Jackson High School $44,663 (More)
KONGELA WILLIAM Aide North Kitsap High School $25,460 (More)
KONGSAENG FALLEN Office/Clerical K-5 STEM at Boren $27,429 (More)
KONICKI KELLY Secondary Teacher Redmond Middle School $61,989 (More)
KONIGSBERGER ABBY Office/Clerical Willapa Valley Middle-High $30,000 (More)
KONIGSBERGER CAMERON Elementary Teacher Toledo Middle School $39,433 (More)
KONING AMANDA Other Teacher Valley View Early Childhood Center $48,447 (More)
KONISHI ERIC Elementary Principal Whitman $124,775 (More)
KONKLE DEBBIE Other Teacher Burlington Edison High School $73,802 (More)
KONKLER MICHELLE Aide Northport High School $3,000 (More)
KONKOL ALETA Secondary Teacher Renton Senior High School $91,244 (More)
KONKOL LYNN Secondary Teacher Evergreen High School $74,819 (More)
KONKRIGHT BRENDA Elementary Teacher Stratton Elementary $64,174 (More)
KONKRIGHT JOLINE Aide Bess Herian Elementary $17,350 (More)
KONONEN NORMA Elementary Teacher Sherwood Forest Elementary School $66,188 (More)
KONOPINSKI MARCIA Elementary Teacher Forest View Elementary School $92,385 (More)
KONOVALCHIK ANNA Aide Tukes Valley Primary $6,926 (More)
KONRAD KAREN Elementary Teacher Green Gables Elementary School $76,388 (More)
KONRAD MELISSA Other Teacher Roosevelt Elementary School $51,592 (More)
KONRAD VICTORIA Secondary Teacher River Ridge High School $74,936 (More)
KONSHUK BOBBI Secondary Teacher The Community School $51,219 (More)
KONTOS ANN Counselor John Sedgwick Junior High $80,866 (More)
KONTOS DANIEL Counselor Olympic High School $81,198 (More)
KONTOS SUSAN Elementary Principal Meadow Ridge Elementary School $116,974 (More)
KONTOS VALERIE Elementary Teacher Sunnyslope Elementary School $42,755 (More)
KONVALIN MEG Service Worker Park Orchard Elementary School $23,206 (More)
KONZEK GEORGE Secondary Teacher Evergreen High School $74,819 (More)
KONZEK PEGGY Elementary Teacher Pioneer Elementary School $67,414 (More)
KONZEK RENE Aide Hawthorne Elementary School $18,427 (More)
KOOHNS ERIC Elementary Teacher Lincoln Heights Elementary $64,276 (More)
KOOIMA BARBARA Elementary Teacher Sage Point Elementary School $69,991 (More)
KOOIMAN PETER Secondary Teacher Kelso High School $69,064 (More)
KOOISTRA ANNETTE Office/Clerical Lynden Middle School $30,926 (More)
KOOISTRA KIMBERLY Secondary Teacher Bainbridge High School $66,365 (More)
KOON ALISON Elementary Teacher Hidden River Middle School $74,947 (More)
KOON CHRISELDA Operator Moses Lake High School $20,275 (More)
KOON HOLLY Secondary Teacher Mount Baker Senior High $84,532 (More)
KOON JEANNINE Elementary Teacher Lake Wilderness Elementary $69,224 (More)
KOON JULIE Elementary Teacher Hillcrest Elementary School $72,951 (More)
KOON MARISSA Secondary Teacher Orting High School $45,955 (More)
KOON SHIRLEY Elementary Teacher Yacolt Primary $69,165 (More)
KOON TRACEY Service Worker Downing $19,184 (More)
KOONS KAREN Elementary Teacher Rainier View Elementary School $71,106 (More)
KOONS SUMMER Professional Woodland High School $3,450 (More)
KOONTZ ANITA Service Worker Windsor Elementary $33,285 (More)
KOONTZ BEVERLY Aide Elma High School $15,892 (More)
KOONTZ BRIGID Elementary Teacher Seahurst Elementary School $71,996 (More)
KOONTZ JASON Elementary Teacher Suquamish Elementary School $59,384 (More)
KOONTZ JOY Professional Monroe High School $5,216 (More)
KOONTZ KRISTIN Aide South Colby Elementary $18,817 (More)
KOONTZ LORI Aide Idlewild Elementary School $21,237 (More)
KOONTZ MICHAEL Secondary Teacher Cedar Heights Jh $68,391 (More)
KOONTZ MICHAEL Aide Cedar Heights Jh $17,216 (More)
KOONTZ NICOLE Secondary Teacher Shorewood High School $54,596 (More)
KOONTZ SUSAN Secondary Teacher Komachin Middle School $48,890 (More)
KOONTZ TAMALA Aide Mountain View High School $16,657 (More)
KOONTZ TIMOTHY Secondary Teacher Timberline High School $70,993 (More)
KOONTZ WILLIAM Service Worker Salnave Elementary $13,929 (More)
KOOPMAN KENDRA Aide Badger Mountain Elementary $16,915 (More)
KOOPMANS CINDY Aide East Hill Elementary School $16,018 (More)
KOORN NATALIE Service Worker Edmonds Woodway High School $41,101 (More)
KOORN SHARON Elementary Teacher Hillcrest Elementary $72,843 (More)
KOOSER JEANNA Secondary Teacher Kalles Junior High $73,589 (More)
KOOSMANN MATTHEW Secondary Teacher Glacier Middle School $70,778 (More)
KOOYMAN SCOTT Service Worker North Thurston High School $34,303 (More)
KOPACZ WENDY Aide Firgrove Elementary $20,682 (More)
KOPCHO MICHELLE Aide Lakeland Hills Elementary $19,928 (More)
KOPCZYK SMITH RENATA Aide Bell Elementary $20,076 (More)
KOPCZYNSKI MELISSA ANN Counselor Bemiss $71,297 (More)
KOPE MARY Elementary Teacher Canyon Creek Elementary $77,242 (More)
KOPF CHAD Other Teacher Richland High School $65,120 (More)
KOPF JENNIFER Elementary Teacher Sunset View Elementary School $64,174 (More)
KOPF KRISTINE Elementary Teacher James McGee Elementary $62,972 (More)
KOPF SARAH Psychologist View Ridge Elementary $55,089 (More)
KOPF STOVER JANE Elem. Vice Principal Lake Hills Elementary $101,651 (More)
KOPILOFF ANY Elementary Teacher Northgate Elementary School $48,704 (More)
KOPISCHKA SHAUNA Counselor School for the Entrepreneur $76,734 (More)
KOPLAN CRYSTAL Aide Julia Butler Hansen Elementary $25,313 (More)
KOPLIN LESLI Professional Tonasket Middle School $1,532 (More)
KOPP EMILY Aide Phantom Lake Elementary $15,827 (More)
KOPP TIMOTHY Secondary Teacher Riverside High School $58,637 (More)
KOPPELMAN ROBIN Aide Kent Elementary School $19,221 (More)
KOPPERL SHARMAINE Other Teacher Gregory Heights Elementary $61,077 (More)
KOPPES JANELL Nurse Laurin Middle School $38,149 (More)
KOPRIVA JOANNE Secondary Teacher Kamiakin High School $59,501 (More)