School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
IKEDA KEVIN Secondary Principal Stadium $134,640 (More)
IKEDA LINDA Elementary Teacher Delong $78,855 (More)
IKEDA YEE LORRAINE Elementary Teacher Shelton View Elementary $77,345 (More)
IKEHARA JUSTIN Secondary Teacher Colfax High School $43,233 (More)
IKENZE SUSAN Operator $20,850 (More)
IKSIC MARIANNE Elementary Teacher P C Jantz Elementary $68,045 (More)
ILAC ANA Secondary Teacher Redmond Middle School $52,716 (More)
ILES CARISSA Contractor Teacher Muckleshoot Tribal School $52,460 (More)
ILES LORI Aide Woodlands Elementary $24,367 (More)
ILGAVIZIS KRISTOFER Elementary Teacher Truman $53,946 (More)
ILGENFRITZ ALLISON Elementary Teacher Renton Academy $49,461 (More)
ILGENFRITZ ELLIOTT Secondary Teacher Lindbergh Senior High School $47,679 (More)
ILIESCU ALINA Secondary Teacher Redmond High $49,901 (More)
ILLIG KURT Operator $14,524 (More)
ILLINGWORTH MARIAN Counselor Mead Elementary $73,614 (More)
ILLMAN LINDA Library Media Specialist Salmon Bay K-8 School $62,477 (More)
ILLYN DEBRA Secondary Teacher Cascade Middle School $70,107 (More)
ILTZ KAYLENE Aide Freeman Elementary School $8,255 (More)
IM SOPHALL Service Worker Cedarhurst Elementary $40,498 (More)
IM-HAMPER HOLLY Other Support Personnel $86,978 (More)
IMAI BOBBIE Operator $41,094 (More)
IMAI ROBIN Elementary Principal Jackson Elementary School $118,565 (More)
IMAM DONNA Aide Garfield Elementary School $15,467 (More)
IMAMOVIC ASIM Laborer $43,451 (More)
IMAMURA MICHI Aide Lacey Elementary $20,076 (More)
IMAN MAHAMUD Secondary Teacher Mill Creek Middle School $38,310 (More)
IMANI SAWE Elementary Teacher Dunlap Elementary School $66,207 (More)
IMANI VIRGINIA Aide Lakeridge Elementary School $15,440 (More)
IMANISHI CHIKA Aide John Stanford International Elementary $28,833 (More)
IMANISHI JEANETTE Professional $93,889 (More)
IMANISHI TERESA Elementary Teacher Allen Creek Elementary School $79,383 (More)
IMBIMBO ANN MARIE Elementary Teacher Olympic View Elementary School $73,228 (More)
IMBLER SUSAN Office/Clerical $38,950 (More)
IMBODEN LUKE Aide Cleveland High School $29,984 (More)
IMBODEN SANDRA Elementary Teacher Kent Prairie Elementary $74,785 (More)
IMBRUGLIO MICHAEL Secondary Teacher Kentlake High School $74,113 (More)
IMEL GREGORY Elementary Principal Bailey Gatzert Elementary School $111,195 (More)
IMES JULIE Aide University High School $14,252 (More)
IMES RANDALL Secondary Teacher Liberty Sr High School $52,609 (More)
IMES THOMAS Professional Mountain View Middle School $2,415 (More)
IMESON TODD Operator $8,228 (More)
IMHOF-PATTERSON DARLENE Office/Clerical $34,445 (More)
IMHOLT LYNNUS Crafts/Trades $60,901 (More)
IMLER BECKY Superintendent $142,165 (More)
IMM DARYL Crafts/Trades $44,990 (More)
IMM PATRICIA Secondary Teacher Twin Falls Middle School $76,641 (More)
IMMEL ANNA Secondary Teacher Pacific Middle School $61,898 (More)
IMMEL CORINNE Professional Eastlake High School $1,628 (More)
IMMEL JENNIFER Secondary Teacher Anacortes High School $72,346 (More)
IMMEL LAURA Elementary Teacher Rainier Elementary School $65,753 (More)
IMMEL MARILYN Aide Union Gap School $18,932 (More)
IMMEL NANCY Elementary Teacher Manchester Elementary School $63,873 (More)
IMO NNENNA Elementary Teacher Fawcett $78,855 (More)
IMPALA KRISTIE Other Teacher Downing $44,646 (More)
IMPELLIZZERI DAWN Elementary Teacher Chinook Elementary School $59,154 (More)
IMPERIAL BARBARA Secondary Teacher Washington Middle School $84,235 (More)
IMPERIAL JENNIFER Aide Salnave Elementary $3,356 (More)
IMPERIAL MARGARITA Elementary Teacher Wapato Middle School $58,809 (More)
IMPERIAL REMA Professional Harrah Elementary School $32,240 (More)
IMPERIO MARI Elementary Teacher Silverdale Elementary $66,131 (More)
IMPSON TODD Secondary Teacher Wishram High And Elementary Schl $46,855 (More)
IN CHHAY Service Worker Redmond Elementary $39,150 (More)
INABA ELAINE Elementary Teacher Lake Youngs Elementary School $74,613 (More)
INABNIT ERIN Elementary Teacher Valhalla Elementary School $54,298 (More)
INABNIT EVIETTA Professional $50,740 (More)
INAMA KIMBERLY Elementary Teacher Enatai Elementary School $72,600 (More)
INCH MARTHA Elementary Teacher Orcas Island Elementary School $55,606 (More)
INCH ROBIN Service Worker Bainbridge High School $12,120 (More)
INCH SHEILA Aide Deer Park Elementary $9,618 (More)
INCONTRO TERESA Secondary Teacher Mountainside Middle School $69,156 (More)
INCORVAIA ALYSSA Secondary Teacher Garfield High School $57,960 (More)
INDAHL KELLY Secondary Teacher Gig Harbor High $57,042 (More)
INDENDI LAUREN Elementary Teacher Clallam Bay High & Elementary $66,799 (More)
INDERRIEDEN KELLY Elementary Teacher $41,363 (More)
INDIVERI EDWARD Service Worker $33,246 (More)
INDIVERO DIANE Aide Everett High School $22,293 (More)
INFANTE IRIS Aide Puesta del Sol Elementary School $36,421 (More)
INFANTE VICTOR Secondary Teacher Chief Sealth International High School $47,893 (More)
INGALLS ANGELA Aide Edison Elementary School $745 (More)
INGALLS CHRISTINE Secondary Teacher Gaiser Middle School $65,114 (More)
INGALLS KAREN Elementary Teacher Mattawa Elementary $50,142 (More)
INGALLS KATHRYN Elementary Teacher Hazelwood Elementary School $67,747 (More)
INGALLS MICHAEL Secondary Teacher Covington Middle School $49,121 (More)
INGALLS PATRICIA Elementary Teacher Whittier Elementary $66,943 (More)
INGE DEBORAH Service Worker Lamont Middle School $30,580 (More)
INGEBRIGTSEN LEYDEN Operator $16,761 (More)
INGEBRIGTSEN LILA Service Worker Shorecrest High School $9,622 (More)
INGENITO RAVEN Aide Central Elementary $9,686 (More)
INGENTHRON LINDA Operator $28,016 (More)
INGERSLEV MARCIA Elementary Teacher Arbor Heights Elementary School $89,216 (More)
INGERSOLL CLAUDE Secondary Teacher Wilson Middle School $57,511 (More)
INGERSOLL ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Kulshan Middle School $65,351 (More)
INGERSOLL JAMES Aide Park Place Middle School $23,755 (More)
INGERSOLL JAMEY Other Teacher Sumner Middle School $51,543 (More)
INGERSOLL JEAN Secondary Teacher Glacier Peak High School $64,519 (More)
INGERSOLL KARLENE Aide Kennewick High School $16,171 (More)
INGERSOLL SHARON Aide Rockwell Elementary $12,840 (More)
INGERSON NANCY Elementary Teacher Logan Elementary $69,943 (More)
INGERTILA PAMELA Service Worker $25,069 (More)
INGHAM ALICE Aide Robert E Lee Elementary $18,768 (More)