School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
KRUISWYK DEANN Elementary Teacher Vale Elementary School $48,023 (More)
KRUISWYK DIANE Elementary Teacher Evergreen Elementary School $46,599 (More)
KRUITHOF HENDRIK Elementary Principal Clear Lake Elementary School $93,750 (More)
KRUIZE BEVERLY Aide Boze $21,179 (More)
KRUIZE DARRELL Crafts/Trades $53,536 (More)
KRULL BARBARA Service Worker Renton Senior High School $17,268 (More)
KRUM RACHAEL Elementary Teacher University Elementary School $31,312 (More)
KRUM STACIE Other Teacher Clover Creek Elementary $46,528 (More)
KRUMEL HOLLI Service Worker Geiger $11,561 (More)
KRUMLAND HEIDI Elementary Teacher Centennial Elementary School $15,987 (More)
KRUMPELMAN ERIKA Secondary Teacher Central Valley High School $42,482 (More)
KRUMSICK CAREY Secondary Teacher Cedar Heights Jh $74,729 (More)
KRUMSICK STACEY Secondary Vice Principal Mountain View Middle School $87,990 (More)
KRUPA MARIA Aide McFarland Middle School $19,392 (More)
KRUPP ERIKA Professional Thurston Co Coop Special Services $24,530 (More)
KRUPP HEATHER Counselor Kennydale Elementary School $37,596 (More)
KRUPP LISA Elementary Teacher South Bay Elementary $74,138 (More)
KRUSCHEK PATSY Office/Clerical Ridgecrest Elementary $24,991 (More)
KRUSE ANNA Secondary Teacher MP Pathways of Choice $81,621 (More)
KRUSE BARBARA Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. View Ridge Elementary $82,909 (More)
KRUSE BONNIE Aide Longfellow Elementary $19,415 (More)
KRUSE CHANTELL Aide Meridian High School $12,868 (More)
KRUSE CHRISTINA Secondary Teacher Olympia High School $56,785 (More)
KRUSE CHRISTINE Secondary Teacher Ferrucci Jr High $44,932 (More)
KRUSE JENNIFER Secondary Teacher Port Townsend High School $45,266 (More)
KRUSE JODEANA Other Teacher R A Long High School $69,354 (More)
KRUSE JUDY Aide Coweeman Middle School $17,310 (More)
KRUSE KATHERINE Secondary Teacher Frontier Middle School $5,660 (More)
KRUSE MARY ANNA Secondary Teacher Goldendale High School $63,117 (More)
KRUSE MELISSA Aide Olalla Elementary School $5,934 (More)
KRUSE NANCY Service Worker Victor Falls Elementary $39,183 (More)
KRUSE PAMELA Certificated on Leave $72,578 (More)
KRUSE TYLER Elementary Teacher Marcus Whitman Elementary $37,292 (More)
KRUSE WILLIAM Operator $12,901 (More)
KRUSEMARK BRENDA Secondary Teacher Shorecrest High School $56,824 (More)
KRUSNIAK MARTY Secondary Teacher Coweeman Middle School $66,290 (More)
KRUSSOW KRISTEN Aide Wade King Elementary School $19,872 (More)
KRUSTANGEL KYLE Secondary Teacher Bridgeport High School $37,525 (More)
KRUTSINGER JANET Aide Lakewood Elementary School $40,029 (More)
KRUTULIS CHRISTINA Elementary Principal Clyde Hill Elementary $109,822 (More)
KRUYT MONIQUE Aide Snoqualmie Elementary $14,083 (More)
KRUZICH ANGELA Secondary Teacher Liberty Sr High School $62,116 (More)
KRYGER BART Elementary Teacher Drum Intermediate $59,174 (More)
KRYGER TASHA Secondary Teacher Lakewood Middle School $64,164 (More)
KRYKUN VYACHESLAV Service Worker Lake Stevens Sr High School $26,807 (More)
KRYSINSKI MATTHEW Professional Port Townsend High School $3,006 (More)
KRYT KATHERINE Other Teacher Squalicum High School $52,614 (More)
KRZYSIAK JOSHUA Elementary Teacher Columbia Valley Elementary $43,891 (More)
KRZYSIAK MARY Elementary Teacher Crestline Elementary School $50,015 (More)
KRZYZEWSKI SHANNON Secondary Teacher Pacific Cascade Middle School $62,708 (More)
KUAN GRACE Aide Sherwood Forest Elementary $17,772 (More)
KUBAN JEANNE Elem. Vice Principal Kimball Elementary School $99,672 (More)
KUBAN KEVIN Service Worker $36,203 (More)
KUBAT-SNOW BRANDI Elementary Teacher Silver Ridge Elementary $46,342 (More)
KUBE DONNA Aide $14,186 (More)
KUBEC KATHLEEN Operator $27,269 (More)
KUBEJ STEPHANIE Secondary Teacher Bellevue High School $73,695 (More)
KUBIC JENNIFER Secondary Teacher Ferndale High School $76,176 (More)
KUBIK BRITTNEY Professional Reardan Middle-Senior High School $8,442 (More)
KUBIK HOWIE Professional Colville Senior High School $1,000 (More)
KUBIK SHERRY Office/Clerical North Central High School $28,829 (More)
KUBILIUS LIZBETH Elementary Teacher Early Childhood Center $77,035 (More)
KUBINSKI MICHELLE Elementary Teacher Brier Elementary $65,156 (More)
KUBISTA JENNIFER Director/Supervisor $102,190 (More)
KUBO MARIE Aide Juanita High $24,379 (More)
KUBO RAYNA Elementary Teacher Silver Lake Elementary School $34,297 (More)
KUBOYAMA TINA Elementary Teacher Chester H Thompson Elementary $40,204 (More)
KUBRAKOV NATALYA Elementary Teacher Harmony Elementary School $20,653 (More)
KUBROCK EMMA Psychologist $46,593 (More)
KUC PAMELA Service Worker $22,367 (More)
KUCERA EVONNE Elementary Teacher Mount View Elementary $72,398 (More)
KUCERA LAUREN Secondary Teacher Quincy High School $47,790 (More)
KUCERA SHELLY Technical Arlington High School $31,278 (More)
KUCH ERIKA Elementary Teacher Roosevelt Elementary School $47,655 (More)
KUCH REBECCA Secondary Teacher Creston Jr-Sr High School $56,186 (More)
KUCHAR MARY Other Teacher Purdy Elementary School $63,507 (More)
KUCHARSKI ALISA Elementary Teacher Napavine Elementary $21,157 (More)
KUCHENBUCH LAREE Professional Wilbur Secondary School $1,978 (More)
KUCHENBUCH NICOLE Elementary Teacher Grainger Elementary $22,080 (More)
KUCHTA SHARON Service Worker International School $16,292 (More)
KUCK ANNE Aide Garfield Elementary School $23,798 (More)
KUCKHAHN LINDA Elementary Teacher Dearborn Park Elementary School $89,276 (More)
KUCKLICK LUANN Secondary Vice Principal Lincoln $124,835 (More)
KUDASIK MELISSA Aide Willapa Valley Middle-High $22,379 (More)
KUDER MARY Contractor Teacher Wa He Lut Indian School $51,400 (More)
KUDRNA DEANNA Office/Clerical York Elementary School $32,291 (More)
KUDRNA LINDSAY Elementary Teacher Woodland Primary $33,851 (More)
KUDSK ANGELA Secondary Teacher Othello High School $44,329 (More)
KUEHL CASEY Elementary Teacher Bonney Lake Elementary $45,628 (More)
KUEHL CINDY Aide Midway Elementary $21,345 (More)
KUEHL ROBERT Deputy/Assist. Supt. $112,566 (More)
KUEHL KUEHL LAUREN Secondary Teacher Discovery Middle School $49,961 (More)
KUEHLTHAU BRENDA Other Support Personnel $70,453 (More)
KUEHN ARTHUR Director/Supervisor Interlake Senior High School $86,690 (More)
KUEHN CASEY Secondary Teacher North Central High School $47,390 (More)
KUEHN CYNTHIA Office/Clerical Glacier Peak High School $32,057 (More)
KUEHN GREGG Director/Supervisor $85,412 (More)
KUEHN MARTHA Aide Jefferson $20,926 (More)
KUEHN RANDY Service Worker $29,730 (More)