School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
MAUGHAN ANITA Office/Clerical Spanaway Elementary $35,343 (More)
MAUGHAN JENNIFER Secondary Principal Health Sciences & Human Services $122,901 (More)
MAUGHLIN BRONWYN Elementary Teacher Community School $75,530 (More)
MAUIA CATHLEEN Aide Tacoma School of the Arts $11,850 (More)
MAUK LENA Elementary Teacher Oakwood Elementary School $40,164 (More)
MAUK SCOTT Elementary Principal Edmonds Heights K-12 $119,895 (More)
MAUL ANDREA Secondary Teacher Evergreen High School $54,248 (More)
MAUL CHELSEY Other Teacher Stewart $79,912 (More)
MAULDIN RITA Professional Darrington Sr High School $1,866 (More)
MAULDING ALISHA Elementary Teacher Liberty Ridge Elementary $70,546 (More)
MAULE BETTY JO Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. View Ridge Elementary $92,885 (More)
MAULE LESLIE Elementary Teacher Richard Gordon Elementary $71,670 (More)
MAULER KATHERINE Elementary Teacher Oak Heights Elementary $80,530 (More)
MAUNUPAU ROMAN Library Media Specialist Stanley $51,623 (More)
MAUPIN JERAMIE Secondary Teacher Central Valley High School $47,873 (More)
MAUPOUX MARSHA Secondary Teacher Columbia River High $41,388 (More)
MAUPOUX NICHOLAS Secondary Teacher Cle Elum Roslyn High School $38,627 (More)
MAURER ANITA Elementary Teacher Sunset Elementary $66,707 (More)
MAURER DAWN Secondary Teacher Juanita High $31,214 (More)
MAURER DENA Professional Edmonds Woodway High School $34,539 (More)
MAURER HEIDI Secondary Principal Cedar Heights Middle School $129,377 (More)
MAURER KENDRA Counselor Madison Elementary $71,297 (More)
MAURER LEISA Elementary Teacher Twin Falls Middle School $74,199 (More)
MAURER LYNN Aide Davenport Elementary $10,696 (More)
MAURER MATTHEW Elementary Teacher Wishkah Valley Elementary/High School $44,588 (More)
MAURER MEREDITH Secondary Vice Principal Kilo Middle School $105,465 (More)
MAURER MICHELLE Aide Garfield Elementary School $18,568 (More)
MAURER SARAH Secondary Teacher Nisqually Middle School $55,056 (More)
MAURICE JOSEPH Aide Selah Junior High School $18,945 (More)
MAURUS DEBORAH Elementary Principal Salnave Elementary $98,358 (More)
MAURY MICHELLE Secondary Teacher Cleveland High School $61,335 (More)
MAUS COLETTE Office/Clerical Lakeside High School $7,996 (More)
MAUS ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Edison Elementary School $46,772 (More)
MAUS LORI Elementary Teacher Chambers Elementary $62,784 (More)
MAUS WILLIAM Secondary Principal Rochester Middle School $105,579 (More)
MAUSETH JANIS Office/Clerical Connell High School $38,290 (More)
MAUSS JANE Office/Clerical Newport Senior High School $13,139 (More)
MAUTZ SUSAN Technical Shorewood High School $51,308 (More)
MAVER IAN Elementary Teacher Mann Elementary $55,691 (More)
MAVER JENNIFER Elementary Teacher Twain Elementary $54,808 (More)
MAVES JENNIFER Elementary Teacher Pomeroy Elementary School $69,264 (More)
MAVES NICOLE Elementary Teacher Scenic Hill Elementary School $42,275 (More)
MAVES-WATSON MEGHAN Secondary Teacher Shorewood High School $52,079 (More)
MAW KARL Secondary Teacher Kentlake High School $31,028 (More)
MAWDSLEY ROBERT Technical Northport High School $41,590 (More)
MAWER LISA Elementary Teacher Clyde Hill Elementary $70,685 (More)
MAWET MELISSA Elementary Teacher Centennial Elementary School $54,641 (More)
MAWHINNEY CONNER Professional Bellevue High School $2,448 (More)
MAWHINNEY HOWARD Secondary Teacher Redmond High $79,912 (More)
MAWHINNEY LEANNE Other Teacher Lake Washington High $82,310 (More)
MAWHORTER GARY Professional Montesano Jr-Sr High $1,965 (More)
MAXCY MEGAN Secondary Teacher Evergreen High School $71,703 (More)
MAXEY CURT Professional Clovis Point $4,030 (More)
MAXEY DEBBIE Aide Dayton Elementary School $17,482 (More)
MAXEY ERIKA Elementary Teacher Gause Elementary $49,720 (More)
MAXEY JUDI Office/Clerical Cascade Elementary $36,547 (More)
MAXEY KATHY Service Worker Sumner Middle School $22,632 (More)
MAXEY LANA Aide Career Academy at Truman High School $31,626 (More)
MAXEY LISA Counselor R A Long High School $50,438 (More)
MAXFIELD ABIGAIL Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. Illahee Elementary School $51,639 (More)
MAXFIELD BRIAN Secondary Teacher Emerald Ridge High School $52,748 (More)
MAXFIELD BROCK Other School Admin. Hoquiam High School $100,062 (More)
MAXFIELD CHIAKI Aide Challenger Elementary $28,384 (More)
MAXFIELD DORA Aide Forks Elementary School $20,564 (More)
MAXFIELD GERALDINE Secondary Teacher Tenino High School $77,264 (More)
MAXFIELD HALEY Elementary Teacher Arcadia Elementary $38,058 (More)
MAXFIELD JANEAL Other Support Personnel Lakes Elementary School $74,295 (More)
MAXFIELD JENNIFER Elementary Teacher Carson Elementary $61,160 (More)
MAXFIELD MARK Professional Hoquiam High School $5,258 (More)
MAXFIELD MARSHA Aide Skyview Jr High $24,828 (More)
MAXIE JAIME Elementary Principal Bryn Mawr Elementary School $112,333 (More)
MAXIM MELODY Elementary Teacher Jackson Park Elementary $65,257 (More)
MAXIM TOM Elementary Teacher Blaine Elementary School $71,496 (More)
MAXON PATRICIA Aide Cedar Heights Jh $21,735 (More)
MAXSON DIANA Secondary Teacher Ridgeline Middle School $52,002 (More)
MAXSON JANICE Other Teacher College Place Middle School $80,530 (More)
MAXSON MELISSA Elementary Teacher Frank Wagner Elementary $75,664 (More)
MAXSON MICHELE Elementary Teacher Vista Elementary School $51,228 (More)
MAXWELL AMANDA Elementary Teacher Firgrove Elementary $54,643 (More)
MAXWELL ASHLEY Elementary Teacher Mark Twain Elementary School $49,256 (More)
MAXWELL BARBARA Service Worker Blue Heron Middle School $36,046 (More)
MAXWELL DANIELLE Elementary Teacher Opportunity Elementary $48,055 (More)
MAXWELL ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Enatai Elementary School $49,120 (More)
MAXWELL GINA Secondary Teacher Wilson Middle School $55,871 (More)
MAXWELL HUGH Elementary Principal Evergreen Elementary $110,301 (More)
MAXWELL JAN Office/Clerical Bemiss $33,192 (More)
MAXWELL JEANNE Elem. Vice Principal Nooksack Elementary $82,360 (More)
MAXWELL JEANNE Elementary Teacher Nooksack Elementary $63,692 (More)
MAXWELL JESSICA Other Teacher Evergreen Middle School $36,507 (More)
MAXWELL JOHN Elementary Teacher Mann $78,241 (More)
MAXWELL JORDAN Secondary Teacher Cedarcrest Middle School $50,099 (More)
MAXWELL KRISSA Elementary Teacher Little Mountain Elementary $45,033 (More)
MAXWELL KRISTIE Aide Martin Luther King Jr Elementary $22,709 (More)
MAXWELL LATANYA Elementary Teacher Midland Elementary $73,045 (More)
MAXWELL LAURIE Elementary Teacher Grainger Elementary $62,132 (More)
MAXWELL LES Secondary Teacher Vista Middle School $59,345 (More)
MAXWELL LINDA Psychologist Pasco Senior High School $79,077 (More)
MAXWELL LINDA Service Worker Pasco Senior High School $12,522 (More)
MAXWELL LORI Elementary Teacher Hazelwood Elementary School $75,527 (More)