School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
ROWE JAMES Secondary Teacher Lake Washington High $76,341 (More)
ROWE JENNILYN Secondary Teacher South Kitsap High School $50,970 (More)
ROWE JOAN Nurse Emerald Ridge High School $71,835 (More)
ROWE JOSEPHINE Elementary Teacher Valley View Elementary $44,376 (More)
ROWE KASI Elementary Teacher Trent School $36,672 (More)
ROWE KATHERINE Elementary Teacher Park Place Middle School $78,359 (More)
ROWE KJELLAUG Other Support Personnel $33,347 (More)
ROWE LORENNA Office/Clerical Eastlake High School $39,303 (More)
ROWE MARY Operator $16,520 (More)
ROWE MERIBETH Elementary Teacher Lake Wilderness Elementary $73,680 (More)
ROWE MICHELLE Professional Liberty High School $2,209 (More)
ROWE PATRICIA Aide Garfield Elementary School $23,793 (More)
ROWE PHARIS Aide Adelaide Elementary School $15,333 (More)
ROWE RECO Professional Todd Beamer High School $3,214 (More)
ROWE ROB Professional Freeman High School $5,344 (More)
ROWE ROBERT Elementary Teacher Pioneer Intermediate/Middle School $43,890 (More)
ROWE ROBIN Aide Pasco Senior High School $15,518 (More)
ROWE RONALD Secondary Teacher Sunnyside High School $82,563 (More)
ROWE SAMARA Elementary Teacher Maltby Elementary $73,980 (More)
ROWE SCOTT Secondary Teacher Auburn Riverside High School $80,820 (More)
ROWE SHAUNA Other Teacher Hawthorne Elementary School $65,716 (More)
ROWE SHELLIE Director/Supervisor $100,963 (More)
ROWE STUART Secondary Teacher Prairie High School $60,370 (More)
ROWE SUSAN Secondary Teacher Sno-Isle Skills Center $68,450 (More)
ROWE TANNER Secondary Teacher Redmond Middle School $38,982 (More)
ROWE TANYA Director/Supervisor $108,850 (More)
ROWE TIMOTHY Elementary Teacher Beverly Elementary $51,327 (More)
ROWE TORY Office/Clerical $17,108 (More)
ROWEKAMP DALE Secondary Teacher Montesano Jr-Sr High $44,704 (More)
ROWELL DAWN Operator SSCC High School Completion $28,050 (More)
ROWELL JAY Deputy/Assist. Supt. $123,462 (More)
ROWELL JUDY Service Worker $33,990 (More)
ROWELL NANCY Aide Gause Elementary $12,331 (More)
ROWELL SANDRA Secondary Teacher North Thurston High School $62,953 (More)
ROWELL SUSAN Elementary Teacher Julia Butler Hansen Elementary $59,427 (More)
ROWELL TERESA Library Media Specialist Sunrise Elementary $53,161 (More)
ROWELL TODD Secondary Teacher Greenacres Middle School $67,887 (More)
ROWEN GERRI Secondary Teacher Leota Jr High $80,274 (More)
ROWEN MICHELLE Counselor Amboy Middle School $53,372 (More)
ROWLAND ANGELA Elementary Teacher Summitview Elementary $36,860 (More)
ROWLAND BARBARA Elementary Teacher Stadium $71,377 (More)
ROWLAND ELLEN Aide Roosevelt Elementary $3,873 (More)
ROWLAND JAMES Secondary Teacher Wapato High School $41,321 (More)
ROWLAND JANENE Aide Lucille Umbarger Elementary $22,973 (More)
ROWLAND JEANNIE Elementary Teacher Maple Lawn Elementary $64,393 (More)
ROWLAND JULIA Other Teacher Bethel High School $69,799 (More)
ROWLAND KAREN Secondary Teacher Curtis Senior High $69,892 (More)
ROWLAND KRISTA Elementary Teacher Valley View Elementary $51,480 (More)
ROWLAND MARY Secondary Teacher Bainbridge High School $75,463 (More)
ROWLAND MARY Office/Clerical Lowell Elementary $28,399 (More)
ROWLAND MARY Office/Clerical Woodland Elementary $20,163 (More)
ROWLAND NICOLE Secondary Teacher East Valley Central Middle School $38,525 (More)
ROWLAND PATRICK Crafts/Trades $47,861 (More)
ROWLAND RACHEL Secondary Teacher Pine Lake Middle School $48,265 (More)
ROWLAND RICHARD Operator $11,671 (More)
ROWLAND ROBERTA Aide Lake Stevens Sr High School $18,631 (More)
ROWLAND SANDY Service Worker $33,990 (More)
ROWLAND SCOTT Secondary Teacher Elma High School $75,470 (More)
ROWLAND TARA Secondary Teacher Washington Virtual Academy Omak Middle School $40,127 (More)
ROWLAND THERESA Operator $21,034 (More)
ROWLES HEIDI Secondary Teacher Juanita High $45,296 (More)
ROWLETT KATIE Elementary Teacher Lafayette Elementary School $47,854 (More)
ROWLETTE KATHERINE Aide Garrison Middle School $22,373 (More)
ROWLEY BENJAMIN Elementary Teacher Springbrook Elementary School $53,512 (More)
ROWLEY BRYAN Secondary Teacher Redmond High $64,074 (More)
ROWLEY COURTNEY Secondary Teacher Ballard High School $61,566 (More)
ROWLEY DAVID Elementary Teacher Inchelium Elementary School $57,264 (More)
ROWLEY DEBRA Elementary Teacher Allen Creek Elementary School $83,271 (More)
ROWLEY EUGENE Secondary Teacher Goldendale High School $56,650 (More)
ROWLEY JERRY Crafts/Trades $44,625 (More)
ROWLEY KAREN Elementary Teacher Esquire Hills Elementary $66,131 (More)
ROWLEY KATHERINE Secondary Teacher Hanford High School $67,799 (More)
ROWLEY LYNN Secondary Teacher Marysville Mountain View High School $79,383 (More)
ROWLEY MICHAEL Service Worker SSCC High School Completion $42,182 (More)
ROWLEY STEPHEN Deputy/Assist. Supt. $109,700 (More)
ROWLEY STEVEN Secondary Teacher Pasco Senior High School $70,353 (More)
ROWLEY TRICIA Elementary Teacher Windsor Elementary $39,623 (More)
ROWLEY-GROSS LOUISE Social Worker Little Cedars Elementary School $85,425 (More)
ROWLEY-PENK ROSLYN Elementary Teacher Maplewood Heights Elementary School $58,327 (More)
ROWSE KATHLEEN Secondary Teacher Lake Stevens Middle School $62,476 (More)
ROWSE LYNN Elementary Principal Riverside Elementary $95,574 (More)
ROWSEY CURTIS Elementary Teacher Stratton Elementary $60,211 (More)
ROWSWELL THOMAS Secondary Teacher A G West Black Hills High School $44,181 (More)
ROWTON KAREN Aide Barnes Elementary $17,050 (More)
ROWTON VERITA Office/Clerical Curlew Elem & High School $32,445 (More)
ROY ANN Office/Clerical $45,677 (More)
ROY BARBARA Elementary Teacher Sandburg Elementary $64,208 (More)
ROY BETH Office/Clerical Central Kitsap High School $40,481 (More)
ROY CARI Aide $16,468 (More)
ROY CATHERINE Aide View Ridge Elementary $31,162 (More)
ROY CHERYL Service Worker Ballou Jr High $11,169 (More)
ROY DAVID Secondary Teacher Covington Middle School $69,825 (More)
ROY DON Secondary Teacher Cedar Heights Jh $72,144 (More)
ROY ERIN Elementary Teacher Hofstetter Elementary $53,749 (More)
ROY GLORIA Office/Clerical $16,671 (More)
ROY HEATHER Elementary Teacher Woodin Elementary $53,836 (More)
ROY JACK Secondary Teacher Sequoia High School $88,105 (More)
ROY JEREMY Elementary Teacher Ridgecrest Elementary $62,642 (More)
ROY JOSEPH Secondary Teacher Granite Falls High School $59,438 (More)
ROY JULIE Secondary Teacher Cascade Middle School $64,909 (More)