School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
TESCH ANNA Aide Island View Elementary $7,856 (More)
TESCH DEBORAH Elementary Teacher Wildwood Elementary School $65,070 (More)
TESCH MICHAEL Service Worker Kamiakin Middle School $44,886 (More)
TESCH SHERRY Aide Arcadia Elementary $23,880 (More)
TESCH VALERIE Secondary Teacher North Tapps Middle School $69,496 (More)
TESDAHL LAURA Service Worker University High School $4,476 (More)
TESHERA DANELLE Office/Clerical W F West High School $29,598 (More)
TESKE ANDREA Contractor Teacher Insight School of Washington $43,093 (More)
TESKE KATHRYN Secondary Teacher Central Valley High School $59,025 (More)
TESKE KEELY Secondary Teacher West Valley High School $69,161 (More)
TESORONI JOSEPH Secondary Teacher Chinook Middle School $75,779 (More)
TESREAU CATHERINE Counselor Jefferson Elementary $50,036 (More)
TESS DENISE Office/Clerical Hearthwood Elementary School $35,244 (More)
TESSANDORE DAWN Secondary Teacher Highline High School $68,636 (More)
TESSANDORE KEVIN Professional Highline High School $4,043 (More)
TESSARO CHARLES Other Teacher Challenger Elementary $97,384 (More)
TESSEMA NEBIAT Aide Seattle World School $43,459 (More)
TESSIER MADELEINE Aide Islander Middle School $13,327 (More)
TESSMER JAMES Secondary Teacher Castle Rock Middle School $40,911 (More)
TESTER BETTY Elementary Teacher John Campbell Elementary School $69,166 (More)
TESTER ELLEN Service Worker Shorewood Elementary $40,706 (More)
TESTER ROBIN Service Worker North Middle School $40,290 (More)
TESTIN KATHARINE Secondary Teacher West Seattle High School $57,307 (More)
TETEAK JAMIE Elementary Teacher Smith Elementary $50,844 (More)
TETER COURTNEY Elementary Teacher Frank Love Elementary $49,434 (More)
TETERS JOHN Office/Clerical Wellpinit High School $41,850 (More)
TETERUD ERIN Secondary Teacher Cheney High School $50,827 (More)
TETERUD SAPPHIRE Elementary Teacher Mansfield Elem and High School $34,968 (More)
TETERUD TIMOTHY Other Support Personnel Shadle Park High School $65,809 (More)
TETLOW JASON Secondary Teacher Blaine High School $76,334 (More)
TETRAULT PATRICIA Office/Clerical Hawthorne Elementary School $23,937 (More)
TETREAULT ALYSSA Aide View Ridge Elementary $26,556 (More)
TETREAULT MICHELE Library Media Specialist Ridgeview Elementary $71,032 (More)
TETREAULT PATRISHA Elementary Teacher Oak Harbor Elementary $39,663 (More)
TETRICK JEFFREY Other District Admin. Squalicum High School $93,503 (More)
TETRICK LAURA Professional Kingston High School $3,235 (More)
TETU DEBBIE Aide Lopez Middle High School $24,092 (More)
TETU ISABELLE Elementary Teacher Wildwood Elementary School $42,720 (More)
TETU JEAN JACQUES Secondary Teacher Mount Si High School $53,494 (More)
TETU KATHERINE Secondary Teacher Mount Si High School $53,414 (More)
TETU RICHARD Secondary Teacher Lopez Middle High School $67,031 (More)
TETU JR ROBERT Secondary Teacher Graham Kapowsin High School $62,021 (More)
TETZ SCOTT Service Worker South Colby Elementary $37,939 (More)
TETZ ZACHARY Elementary Teacher Laurin Middle School $57,768 (More)
TEUBNER REBECCA Elementary Teacher Naselle Elementary $44,389 (More)
TEUNG AMY Elementary Teacher Madrona Elementary $41,752 (More)
TEUSINK JEFFERY Elementary Teacher Walnut Grove Elementary $61,829 (More)
TEVELIET SARAH Office/Clerical Hopkins Elementary $25,297 (More)
TEVES SUSAN Service Worker Nooksack Elementary $27,721 (More)
TEVEZ ANDREA Aide Washington Elementary School $16,374 (More)
TEVIS-DICKMANN JULIE Elementary Teacher Boze $68,601 (More)
TEWEL MCKENZIE Director/Supervisor Newcastle Elementary School $45,800 (More)
TEWES KATHLEEN Elementary Teacher Lake Dolloff Elementary School $75,747 (More)
TEWINKEL CHRISTINE Elementary Teacher Silver Star Elementary School $71,703 (More)
TEWINKEL MEGAN Secondary Teacher State Street High School $72,527 (More)
TEXTOR PHYLLIS Secondary Principal Sehome High School $125,410 (More)
TEY MEI LING Service Worker Beaver Lake Middle School $11,798 (More)
TEYNOR LINDA Secondary Teacher Kamiakin High School $57,693 (More)
THAANUM MELISSA Elementary Teacher Crestwood Elementary $48,383 (More)
THAANUM TIANNA Elementary Teacher Spinning Elementary $42,741 (More)
THACH NGOC-HANH Aide White Center Heights Elementary $21,726 (More)
THACH SON Service Worker Chinook Middle School $34,303 (More)
THACKER BRENDA Aide Pioneer Elementary School $17,529 (More)
THACKER JAY Secondary Teacher Oroville Middle-High School $44,143 (More)
THACKER JENNIFER Professional Mission View Elementary School $16,701 (More)
THACKER MICHAEL Professional Liberty High School $3,866 (More)
THACKER REBECCA Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. Shahala Middle School $57,363 (More)
THACKER SARAH Elementary Teacher Olympic View Elem $53,662 (More)
THACKER SHENIECE Secondary Teacher Mcloughlin Middle School $51,296 (More)
THACKERAY CATHY Aide Peshastin Dryden Elementary $21,411 (More)
THADEN DARCY Secondary Teacher Rochester High School $64,174 (More)
THADEN JAN Elementary Teacher Horizon Elementary $88,801 (More)
THAI JOYCE Other Teacher Apollo Elementary $48,746 (More)
THAI TON Service Worker Desert Hills Middle School $35,651 (More)
THAIN CHRISTINA Psychologist University High School $49,492 (More)
THAIN PAMELA Elementary Teacher Sherwood Elementary $47,771 (More)
THALE MARY KAY Aide Griffin School $21,524 (More)
THAMERT KAREN Aide Valley View Early Childhood Center $21,753 (More)
THAMES MICHELLE Service Worker Shadle Park High School $5,877 (More)
THAMS SHELLEY Counselor Willard Elementary $66,206 (More)
THANDU MANJUSHREE Aide Mcauliffe Elementary $17,993 (More)
THANGKEO JAYABOA Secondary Teacher Clover Park High School $64,507 (More)
THARALDSON TOMMIE Elementary Teacher Hofstetter Elementary $32,972 (More)
THARP BRYAN Secondary Teacher Chief Joseph Middle School $70,930 (More)
THARP DORIS Other Teacher University High School $42,350 (More)
THARP KIMBERLY Secondary Teacher Ellensburg High School $44,554 (More)
THARP SHERYL Aide Toledo High School $15,158 (More)
THATCHER AMY Other Teacher Lyon $61,179 (More)
THATCHER BARBARA Aide Green Park Elementary School $29,840 (More)
THATCHER EMILY Elementary Teacher West Hills S.T.E.M. Academy $41,026 (More)
THATCHER KYLIE Elementary Teacher Cascade Elementary $37,629 (More)
THATCHER SHARON Service Worker Alderwood Middle School $39,208 (More)
THATCHER STEVEN Secondary Vice Principal Eastlake High School $116,030 (More)
THAUT HEIDI Elementary Principal Highland Terrace Elementary $114,763 (More)
THAUT SUSAN Elementary Teacher Horizons Elementary $76,257 (More)
THAVES JOANNE Elementary Teacher Chester H Thompson Elementary $51,198 (More)
THAXTON FARAH Elementary Principal Emerson Elementary School $115,813 (More)
THAXTON MICHELLE Elementary Teacher Westview Elementary $66,206 (More)
THAYER AMY Elementary Teacher Toledo Elementary School $34,615 (More)
THAYER GARY Secondary Teacher Oak Harbor High School $75,781 (More)