School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
AABERG DEBRA Aide Mcclure Elementary School $17,936 (More)
AABY DAVID Elementary Teacher Rock Creek Elementary $61,916 (More)
AABY DIANA Office/Clerical $59,652 (More)
AADLAND LEWIS COURTNEY Aide Inglemoor HS $20,981 (More)
AAENSON KATHRINE Technical $52,686 (More)
AAGAARD EILEEN Elementary Teacher Melvin G Syre Elementary $67,929 (More)
AAGAARD STEVEN Professional $73,673 (More)
AAHL HEATHER Professional Evergreen Heights Elementary $20,185 (More)
AAKER DEBRA Office/Clerical Rock Creek Elementary $23,937 (More)
AAKERVIK MARIANNE Aide Cherry Valley Elementary School $21,028 (More)
AALBERS ARDETH Elementary Teacher Monument Elementary $67,152 (More)
AALBU MICHELLE Aide Totem Falls $22,274 (More)
AALGAARD JONI Aide Lewis & Clark Elementary School $16,995 (More)
AALMO DEEANE Aide Orting Primary School $17,574 (More)
AALUND NANZ Secondary Teacher Hazen Senior High School $50,810 (More)
AAMOLD DEBBIE Aide Lewis And Clark Elementary Sch $5,237 (More)
AANERUD SHERYL Service Worker Marysville Middle School $8,718 (More)
AARDAHL DARREL Crafts/Trades $55,105 (More)
AARDAL ERIC Service Worker Chief Joseph Middle School $37,211 (More)
AARDAL MARK Elementary Teacher Wilson $57,300 (More)
AARDAL SARA Service Worker $32,573 (More)
AARDE JOCILYN Aide Tenino High School $15,264 (More)
AARON ANNALISA Other Teacher Garfield High School $67,476 (More)
AARON JENNIFER Other Teacher Boze $40,204 (More)
AARSTAD EVANNE Elementary Teacher Lake Tapps Elementary $66,697 (More)
AARSTAD JON Other Teacher Auburn Riverside High School $75,477 (More)
AARSTAD LORELLE Elementary Teacher Whitstran Elementary $45,176 (More)
AARSTAD PATSY Service Worker Valley View Elementary School $33,557 (More)
AARSTOL DONNA Elementary Teacher Cordata Elementary School $79,887 (More)
AARSTOL RAMONA Office/Clerical Lowell Elementary School $34,423 (More)
AARTS LENA Aide Meadows Elementary $20,269 (More)
AARVIK MARIT Aide Chase Lake Elementary $22,194 (More)
AASAN HAAKON Secondary Teacher Canyon Park Jr High $69,971 (More)
ABAD BEVERLY Secondary Teacher Sequoyah Middle School $82,429 (More)
ABADI MARCELA Elementary Principal Lincoln Elementary School $102,026 (More)
ABAJIAN HEATHER Secondary Teacher Garrison Middle School $67,412 (More)
ABANDO KENDRA Aide Lyon $26,338 (More)
ABATE CHRISTINA Aide Woodlands Elementary $5,792 (More)
ABATE RALPH Professional Liberty Bell Jr Sr High $3,193 (More)
ABBA SUSAN Elementary Teacher Southgate Elementary School $50,850 (More)
ABBASI HUDA Technical $20,571 (More)
ABBE GERI Operator $16,872 (More)
ABBERGER LOUIS Other Teacher Park Avenue Center $65,772 (More)
ABBEY LINDSAY Elementary Teacher Adams Elementary $55,072 (More)
ABBEY LYNZIE Elementary Teacher Balboa Elementary $50,333 (More)
ABBOTT AUTUMN Office/Clerical Davenport Senior High School $22,334 (More)
ABBOTT BARBARA Occupational Therapist $55,038 (More)
ABBOTT BETTY Office/Clerical $43,139 (More)
ABBOTT BRANDON Professional W F West High School $1,983 (More)
ABBOTT CANDICE Aide Lake Youngs Elementary School $18,084 (More)
ABBOTT CAROLYN Other Teacher $74,775 (More)
ABBOTT CATHERINE Other Teacher C O Sorenson $74,255 (More)
ABBOTT CHERYL Service Worker Barker Center $36,982 (More)
ABBOTT DARCY Aide Tukes Valley Middle School $19,611 (More)
ABBOTT DAVID Operator $27,607 (More)
ABBOTT DAWN Elementary Teacher Woodridge Elementary $63,639 (More)
ABBOTT DEBRA Service Worker Lynnwood High School $24,844 (More)
ABBOTT DONNA Aide Goldendale Primary School $22,240 (More)
ABBOTT ELENA Elementary Teacher Roy Elementary $53,388 (More)
ABBOTT EMILY Elementary Teacher Lincoln $51,014 (More)
ABBOTT GAIL Aide Reed $17,606 (More)
ABBOTT HEIDI Elementary Teacher Ilalko Elementary School $45,354 (More)
ABBOTT JAN Operator SSCC High School Completion $11,919 (More)
ABBOTT JEAN Elementary Teacher Silver Beach Elementary School $54,346 (More)
ABBOTT JON Elementary Principal Kenroy Elementary $106,279 (More)
ABBOTT JULIE Elementary Teacher Purdy Elementary School $71,523 (More)
ABBOTT KAREN Office/Clerical Highland Park Elementary School $35,090 (More)
ABBOTT KAREN Office/Clerical Littlerock Elementary School $20,227 (More)
ABBOTT KATHLEEN Service Worker Fort Stevens Elementary $17,999 (More)
ABBOTT KATHLEEN Service Worker McDermoth Elementary $8,423 (More)
ABBOTT KENNETH Other Teacher Salk Middle School $60,964 (More)
ABBOTT KERRY Secondary Teacher Chehalis Middle School $71,802 (More)
ABBOTT KRISTEN Secondary Teacher Clover Park High School $56,077 (More)
ABBOTT KRISTIN Other Teacher Franklin High School $45,905 (More)
ABBOTT LEILANI Elementary Teacher Hathaway Elementary $4,053 (More)
ABBOTT LUCAS Secondary Teacher Raymond Jr Sr High School $37,295 (More)
ABBOTT MARY Aide Ridgewood Elementary School $16,954 (More)
ABBOTT NICOLE Aide Burton Elementary School $2,729 (More)
ABBOTT NORINE Secondary Teacher Monroe High School $78,741 (More)
ABBOTT PAMELA Secondary Teacher Bremerton High School $66,720 (More)
ABBOTT ROSEMARY Office/Clerical $47,174 (More)
ABBOTT SAMANTHA Elementary Teacher Frank Wagner Elementary $70,512 (More)
ABBOTT STEPHEN Operator $14,738 (More)
ABBOTT TARA Secondary Teacher Eastmont Senior High $46,340 (More)
ABBOTT WILLIAM Secondary Teacher Cheney High School $66,673 (More)
ABBOTT NELSON CHERYL Elementary Teacher West View Elementary $72,159 (More)
ABBOTT-EPPERSON GINA Elementary Teacher Elk Plain School of Choice $48,936 (More)
ABDAL-WAHED NAHLAH Aide Medical Lake Alternative High School $23,170 (More)
ABDELLA TRACY Elementary Teacher Park Lodge Elementary School $68,263 (More)
ABDI ABDIKHADAR Aide Dunlap Elementary School $28,833 (More)
ABDI FARAH Aide Graham Hill Elementary School $33,735 (More)
ABDILAHI KHALID Aide McMicken Heights Elementary $24,562 (More)
ABDIRAHMAN KHADIJO Aide Orca K-8 School $35,071 (More)
ABDIRAHMAN MOHAMUD Aide Franklin High School $28,833 (More)
ABDNOR LAURA Service Worker East Valley Enrichment Center $14,228 (More)
ABDO ERNEST Elementary Teacher Mckinley Elementary School $63,804 (More)
ABDO JANE Aide Ridgeview Elementary $8,876 (More)
ABDUL RAHMAN Technical $58,196 (More)
ABDUL-ALIM KAMILAH Elementary Teacher South Shore K-8 School $79,738 (More)
ABDULHADI AMMAR Operator $16,079 (More)