School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
WALLER RACHELLE Secondary Teacher Everett High School $87,885 (More)
WALLER REBECCA Secondary Teacher Emerald Ridge High School $62,381 (More)
WALLER TANYA Secondary Teacher Saghalie Middle School $46,773 (More)
WALLER JR RONALD Secondary Teacher Cheney Middle School $43,232 (More)
WALLERICH NEILS AILSA Elementary Teacher Manitou Park $51,138 (More)
WALLERS STOCKER PAULA Elementary Teacher Sarah J Anderson Elementary $51,167 (More)
WALLES SARAH Aide Cavelero Mid High School $12,108 (More)
WALLEY TAMEY Aide West Valley High School $17,371 (More)
WALLGREN CRAIG Service Worker Hutton Elementary $46,841 (More)
WALLGREN SHELLY Office/Clerical Cooper Elementary $36,730 (More)
WALLICK SARAH Secondary Teacher International School $71,909 (More)
WALLIEN LLOYANNE Professional Cascade Parent Partnership Program $29,898 (More)
WALLIN BARBARA Office/Clerical Browns Point $46,689 (More)
WALLIN DEBORAH Aide Yelm Middle School $7,779 (More)
WALLIN ERIK Elementary Teacher Lakeridge Elementary School $58,986 (More)
WALLIN TAMARA Service Worker Dick Scobee Elementary School $15,243 (More)
WALLING HEATHER Secondary Teacher Clover Park High School $41,736 (More)
WALLING KATIE Aide Castle Rock Elementary $14,592 (More)
WALLING SHIRLEY Service Worker Ridgeline Middle School $34,299 (More)
WALLING TINA Service Worker Washougal High School $33,371 (More)
WALLINGFORD JEFFREY Other Teacher Liberty Lake Elementary $68,810 (More)
WALLIS AARON Psychologist Mukilteo Elementary $93,280 (More)
WALLIS BRIDGET Secondary Teacher Albert Einstein Middle School $64,847 (More)
WALLIS CANDY Aide Hough Elementary School $22,321 (More)
WALLIS ELAYNE Counselor South Kitsap High School $57,665 (More)
WALLIS JANELLE Office/Clerical Kentwood High School $28,214 (More)
WALLIS JENNIFER Office/Clerical Methow Valley Elementary $22,492 (More)
WALLIS JODY Elementary Teacher Chase Lake Elementary $51,393 (More)
WALLIS MATTHEW Secondary Teacher Anacortes High School $51,654 (More)
WALLIS RODNEY Secondary Teacher Mount Rainier High School $46,932 (More)
WALLOCH CATHERINE Elementary Teacher Purdy Elementary School $64,452 (More)
WALLOCH LAURIE Elementary Teacher Shelton View Elementary $85,023 (More)
WALLS DEBORAH Elementary Teacher Shorewood Elementary $45,168 (More)
WALLS DOROTHY Secondary Teacher Panorama School $46,001 (More)
WALLS KAY Elementary Teacher Lakota Middle School $69,296 (More)
WALLSKOG NOELLE Aide Horse Heaven Hills Middle School $9,193 (More)
WALLUM PATRICIA Aide Jefferson Middle School $21,687 (More)
WALLWAY ERIK Aide Summit View High School $14,394 (More)
WALLWORK JOHN Secondary Principal Chiawana High School $108,418 (More)
WALMSLEY JAIMEE Elementary Teacher David Wolfle Elementary $39,417 (More)
WALMSLEY RHONDA Aide Covington Elementary School $2,384 (More)
WALMSLEY TIMOTHY Other Teacher David Wolfle Elementary $68,617 (More)
WALRATH ANN Elementary Teacher Dearborn Park Elementary School $45,984 (More)
WALRATH LINDA Professional Bonney Lake High School $2,233 (More)
WALROND GLENN Secondary Teacher Kentridge High School $65,020 (More)
WALSER ASHLEY Other Teacher Blaine Elementary School $45,857 (More)
WALSER CONNIE Other Teacher Bay View Elementary $74,354 (More)
WALSER DAVID Secondary Teacher La Venture Middle School $71,739 (More)
WALSER LORI Aide Mount Vernon High School $6,265 (More)
WALSETH JOHN Secondary Teacher Roosevelt High School $70,876 (More)
WALSETH-VETTER LISA Office/Clerical Sno-Isle Skills Center $40,548 (More)
WALSH ANDREA Aide East Farms School $11,593 (More)
WALSH ANN Elementary Teacher Everson Elementary $70,846 (More)
WALSH ANNISSA Professional Ridgecrest Elementary $27,167 (More)
WALSH ARTHUR Secondary Teacher Toutle Lake High School $68,069 (More)
WALSH BRANDON Elementary Teacher Almira Coulee Hartline High School $70,796 (More)
WALSH BRANDON Service Worker Almira Coulee Hartline High School $30,778 (More)
WALSH CONNIE Aide Hoquiam High School $19,265 (More)
WALSH DEBORAH Aide Madison Elementary School $19,574 (More)
WALSH EDWARD Secondary Teacher Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center $55,619 (More)
WALSH EDWARD Office/Clerical Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center $41,368 (More)
WALSH ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Westwood Elementary School $74,638 (More)
WALSH GERALD Elementary Teacher Minnehaha Elementary School $56,827 (More)
WALSH JACQUELYN Office/Clerical Emerson Elementary School $40,498 (More)
WALSH JAYME Secondary Teacher Stanton Alternative School $41,598 (More)
WALSH JENNIFER Elementary Teacher McMicken Heights Elementary $66,750 (More)
WALSH JENNIFER Elementary Teacher McMicken Heights Elementary $53,339 (More)
WALSH JODI Elementary Teacher Meadows Elementary $73,493 (More)
WALSH KARA Other Teacher Republic Senior High School $31,734 (More)
WALSH KATIE Professional Almira Coulee Hartline High School $4,346 (More)
WALSH KIMBERLY Secondary Teacher Penny Creek Elementary $64,174 (More)
WALSH KIMBERLY Aide Penny Creek Elementary $17,976 (More)
WALSH KYLE Secondary Teacher Eatonville High School $36,136 (More)
WALSH LARRY Secondary Principal Coupeville Middle School $108,190 (More)
WALSH LAURA Aide Battle Ground High School $19,778 (More)
WALSH MARY Aide Monroe High School $22,476 (More)
WALSH MCKENZIE Elementary Teacher Crestwood Elementary $57,575 (More)
WALSH MEGAN Secondary Teacher Tahoma Jr High $40,431 (More)
WALSH MICHAEL Counselor Lake Stevens Sr High School $89,880 (More)
WALSH MICHAEL Elementary Teacher Lake Stevens Sr High School $60,077 (More)
WALSH MICHAEL Service Worker Lake Stevens Sr High School $39,904 (More)
WALSH MICHELLE Elementary Teacher Gateway Middle School $88,190 (More)
WALSH PATRICIA Secondary Teacher Moses Lake High School $72,278 (More)
WALSH PATRICK Service Worker Highland Terrace Elementary $43,926 (More)
WALSH SHARI Secondary Vice Principal Shuksan Middle School $96,106 (More)
WALSH SHIRLEY Office/Clerical Maywood Middle School $39,163 (More)
WALSH STACY Aide Glenridge Elementary $18,620 (More)
WALSH SUZETTE Elementary Teacher Crestwood Elementary School $75,995 (More)
WALSH THOMAS Elementary Teacher Horse Heaven Hills Middle School $49,838 (More)
WALSH TRACY Elementary Teacher McMicken Heights Elementary $48,196 (More)
WALSH TRACY Elementary Teacher McMicken Heights Elementary $22,357 (More)
WALSH JR JAMES Other Teacher Whatcom Middle School $84,077 (More)
WALSH-HUGHES JACQUELINE Aide Carmichael Middle School $16,388 (More)
WALSHON KRISTINE Aide University High School $10,682 (More)
WALSTAD BECKY Elementary Teacher Silver Beach Elementary School $81,993 (More)
WALSTER CHRISTOPHER Secondary Teacher Lakewood High School $83,428 (More)
WALSTON LORI Service Worker Cedarcrest Middle School $15,908 (More)
WALSTON RYAN Other Teacher Tahoma Senior High School $61,447 (More)
WALSTROM NANCY Elementary Teacher Orcas Island Elementary School $54,763 (More)
WALTENBURG TEANNA Professional Tahoma Senior High School $4,806 (More)