School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
SHEPHERD KELLY Secondary Principal Sequoia High School $121,046 (More)
SHEPHERD LANETTE Secondary Teacher R A Long High School $74,651 (More)
SHEPHERD LAURIE Elementary Teacher Fall City Elementary $10,655 (More)
SHEPHERD LESLIE Service Worker Marshall Elementary $21,193 (More)
SHEPHERD LISA Office/Clerical Sidney Glen Elementary School $34,922 (More)
SHEPHERD MARGARET Office/Clerical Fairhaven Middle School $34,130 (More)
SHEPHERD MARIA Other Teacher Fern Hill $36,942 (More)
SHEPHERD MICHAEL Secondary Teacher Salk Middle School $15,605 (More)
SHEPHERD NANCY Aide Shaw Middle School $23,475 (More)
SHEPHERD NATHANIEL Secondary Teacher Mount Vernon High School $50,133 (More)
SHEPHERD PRISCILLA Elementary Teacher Pioneer Valley Elementary $73,793 (More)
SHEPHERD RAE Aide Wellington Elementary $13,581 (More)
SHEPHERD ROBIN Operator SSCC High School Completion $24,392 (More)
SHEPHERD RONDA Aide Albert Einstein Middle School $17,199 (More)
SHEPHERD SHARON Elementary Teacher Evergreen Elementary School $62,251 (More)
SHEPHERD STEPHEN Elementary Teacher Mt. Solo Middle School $54,394 (More)
SHEPHERD SUSAN Secondary Teacher Napavine Jr Sr High School $68,002 (More)
SHEPHERD TAMERA Aide Washington Elementary School $8,565 (More)
SHEPHERD WENDY Elementary Teacher Wilson $71,377 (More)
SHEPHERD WILLIAM Secondary Teacher TEAM High School $48,079 (More)
SHEPHERD WILLIAM Professional Shaw Middle School $2,813 (More)
SHEPHERD-GAW JULIEROSE Elementary Teacher Yelm Prairie Elementary $55,237 (More)
SHEPLER ANITA Service Worker Alki Middle School $11,937 (More)
SHEPLER ANNA Service Worker Burlington Edison High School $14,414 (More)
SHEPLER JOEL Other Teacher Mark Twain Elementary $58,988 (More)
SHEPLER LESLEE Elementary Teacher Lockwood Elementary $73,735 (More)
SHEPLER TERESA Operator $13,232 (More)
SHEPPARD DARLA Secondary Teacher Wenatchee High School $46,910 (More)
SHEPPARD DIANA Aide $35,071 (More)
SHEPPARD DONNA Office/Clerical SSCC High School Completion $52,478 (More)
SHEPPARD ELAINE Professional $58,008 (More)
SHEPPARD JOANNE Counselor White Swan High School $66,803 (More)
SHEPPARD KAREN Elementary Teacher University Place Primary $72,922 (More)
SHEPPARD KELLY Aide Prairie View Elementary $15,721 (More)
SHEPPARD LISA Service Worker Lakeview Terrace Elementary $6,840 (More)
SHEPPARD MIKE Secondary Teacher South Kitsap High School $81,818 (More)
SHEPPARD SHAUNA Professional Bonney Lake High School $3,416 (More)
SHEPPARD STEPHANIE Secondary Teacher Angelo Giaudrone Middle School $45,734 (More)
SHEPPARD TAMARA Office/Clerical Foster Senior High School $23,625 (More)
SHEPPARD TARA Professional Jenkins Junior/Senior High $3,570 (More)
SHEPPARD THOMAS Secondary Teacher White Swan High School $56,911 (More)
SHEPPARD TIMOTHY Elementary Principal Abraham Lincoln Elementary $109,673 (More)
SHEPPARD SHAW MARCIE Elementary Teacher Roxhill Elementary School $59,289 (More)
SHEPPARD-HUTSON HELEN Office/Clerical Park Place Middle School $25,248 (More)
SHEPSON TARA Elementary Teacher Discovery Primary School $58,251 (More)
SHERARD BARBARA Elementary Teacher Sunnycrest Elementary School $77,048 (More)
SHERARD CAROL Other Teacher Kellogg Marsh Elementary School $79,383 (More)
SHERARD SUSAN Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. $69,878 (More)
SHERATON FRANK Service Worker Jackson Elementary School $41,642 (More)
SHERBESMAN ANGELA Elementary Teacher Clear Creek Elementary School $69,055 (More)
SHERBESMAN LORI Elementary Teacher Green Mountain Elementary $61,036 (More)
SHERBROOKE DAVID Professional Bellevue High School $288 (More)
SHERBURNE JULIANNE Aide Maplewood Center $19,416 (More)
SHERBURNE LAURIE Secondary Teacher Trout Lake School $65,306 (More)
SHERE LONNIE Aide $7,446 (More)
SHERER DEBRA Office/Clerical Bethel High School $21,049 (More)
SHERERTZ NANCY Library Media Specialist Eastlake High School $76,263 (More)
SHERFEY DON Director/Supervisor $84,427 (More)
SHERFEY GLORIA Elementary Teacher Cottonwood Elementary $62,955 (More)
SHERFEY-HINDS JESSE Elementary Teacher Geiger $42,181 (More)
SHERFEY-HINDS KATRINA Occupational Therapist $58,722 (More)
SHERIDAN CAROLYN Office/Clerical $45,218 (More)
SHERIDAN CATHY Counselor Franklin High School $88,988 (More)
SHERIDAN CONSUELO Technical $63,226 (More)
SHERIDAN DUSTIN Service Worker Rogers High School $41,705 (More)
SHERIDAN KRISTEN Elementary Principal Sand Hill Elementary $86,764 (More)
SHERIDAN LEA Occupational Therapist Ordway Elementary $20,916 (More)
SHERIDAN MARION Other Teacher Olympia High School $38,643 (More)
SHERIDAN PAULA Aide Illahee Elementary School $16,027 (More)
SHERIFF DIANE Elementary Teacher Phantom Lake Elementary $49,679 (More)
SHERIFF JON Elementary Teacher Elmhurst Elementary School $61,183 (More)
SHERIFF NOZIPHO Elementary Teacher Collins Elementary $17,803 (More)
SHERIFF STACY Elementary Teacher View Ridge Elementary School $36,593 (More)
SHERIFF WILLIAM Professional Tahoma Senior High School $2,216 (More)
SHERIN TRACY Secondary Teacher Olympic Middle School $78,045 (More)
SHERIN-TERHUNE CATHERINE Professional Pope Elementary $21,161 (More)
SHERK HEATHER Secondary Teacher Othello High School $45,912 (More)
SHERLOCK SHARON Office/Clerical Homelink River $38,065 (More)
SHERLS ALVIN Service Worker $34,258 (More)
SHERLS DEBORAH Service Worker Edison $24,364 (More)
SHERLS MATTHEW Elementary Teacher Tacoma School of the Arts $41,195 (More)
SHERMAN ANN Elementary Teacher Wide Hollow Elementary $68,547 (More)
SHERMAN ANNE Elementary Teacher Discovery Primary School $52,228 (More)
SHERMAN BRADLEY Secondary Teacher Skyline High School $64,552 (More)
SHERMAN CARRIE Technical $55,273 (More)
SHERMAN CATHLEEN Professional $53,933 (More)
SHERMAN CINDY Secondary Teacher Sacajawea Middle School $41,709 (More)
SHERMAN CLAIRE Aide Greenwood Elementary School $26,673 (More)
SHERMAN CLINTON Professional $79,999 (More)
SHERMAN CRAIG Director/Supervisor $59,294 (More)
SHERMAN CRISTOPHER Secondary Teacher Quincy High School $57,767 (More)
SHERMAN DEBRA Elementary Teacher Coupeville Elementary School $51,085 (More)
SHERMAN ELIZABETH Elementary Teacher Coupeville Elementary School $64,926 (More)
SHERMAN EMILYROSE Elementary Teacher Yelm Prairie Elementary $19,046 (More)
SHERMAN GREGORY Other Teacher Sedro Woolley Senior High School $52,746 (More)
SHERMAN HEATHER Social Worker Lewis And Clark High School $67,859 (More)
SHERMAN HEIDI Other Teacher $64,336 (More)
SHERMAN HENRY Technical $56,014 (More)
SHERMAN JANET Office/Clerical $22,118 (More)
SHERMAN JENNIFER Other Teacher Washington Virtual Academy Omak Elementary $60,279 (More)