School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
MACE JAMES Secondary Teacher Shaw Middle School $566,661 (More)
HEUSCHEL MARY ALICE Superintendent $291,782 (More)
BANDA JOSE Superintendent $279,100 (More)
MILLS JUSTIN Superintendent $269,100 (More)
VARGAS EDWARD Superintendent $250,000 (More)
REDINGER SHELLEY Superintendent $239,999 (More)
LARSEN MARCI Superintendent $239,537 (More)
BERAZA ELAINE Superintendent $236,893 (More)
COOK AMY BETH Superintendent $229,808 (More)
YEOMANS TIMOTHY Superintendent $229,464 (More)
ENFIELD SUSAN Superintendent $228,400 (More)
MESTER WILLIAM Superintendent $228,141 (More)
PIERCE TRACI Superintendent $228,000 (More)
MANHAS RAJINDER Superintendent $227,908 (More)
BUSEY JAMES Superintendent $225,616 (More)
SANTORNO CARLA Superintendent $225,000 (More)
RASMUSSEN R Superintendent $223,080 (More)
BAKER GREGORY Superintendent $222,400 (More)
FRANCOIS LAURENCE Superintendent $218,242 (More)
WELCH JOHN Superintendent $215,140 (More)
WEBB STEVEN Superintendent $214,000 (More)
HEWINS FRANK Superintendent $213,056 (More)
HOOVER KENNETH Superintendent $211,692 (More)
MCDUFFY ELIN Superintendent $208,381 (More)
BARNES TWILA Superintendent $206,110 (More)
KEIM WILLIAM Superintendent $205,150 (More)
NYLAND LAWRENCE Superintendent $204,802 (More)
NEU ROBERT Superintendent $204,000 (More)
SHUMATE JEAN Superintendent $202,115 (More)
HERREN DENNIS Superintendent $200,880 (More)
COHN GARY Superintendent $200,577 (More)
MARYANSKI MICHAEL Superintendent $198,825 (More)
DEEDER JOHN Superintendent $196,362 (More)
MCCAMMON STEPHEN Superintendent $196,027 (More)
MCBRIDE RICHARD Superintendent $193,950 (More)
GONZALES CARMEN Other District Admin. $187,094 (More)
PLANO GARY Superintendent $186,832 (More)
KELLY BRUCE Secondary Vice Principal Aviation High School $186,775 (More)
SEIGEL THOMAS Superintendent $186,720 (More)
JOHNSON MARK Superintendent $185,600 (More)
HILL SAUNDRA Superintendent $184,968 (More)
EDWARDS TERRY Deputy/Assist. Supt. $184,171 (More)
FLONES BRIAN Deputy/Assist. Supt. $179,691 (More)
JENKINS GERALD Superintendent $179,488 (More)
WALKER SUSANNE Superintendent $179,244 (More)
ROCKEFELLER THOMAS Superintendent $179,051 (More)
ROBERTSON CONRAD Superintendent $178,486 (More)
CVITANICH DOMINIC Superintendent $178,275 (More)
BANKS PATRICIA Superintendent $176,702 (More)
SPENCER CRAIG Deputy/Assist. Supt. $175,000 (More)
DUNN MICHAEL Superintendent $174,360 (More)
IRION JOHN Deputy/Assist. Supt. $173,546 (More)
BIGBY JR WALTER Superintendent $173,000 (More)
CUSICK SUZANNE Superintendent $172,121 (More)
GARCIA JOSHUA Deputy/Assist. Supt. $171,810 (More)
HARMAN JOHN Director/Supervisor $171,763 (More)
MCEVOY PEGI Director/Supervisor $171,763 (More)
AUNE G.JOEL Superintendent $171,402 (More)
MINEHAN-STEWART JOYCE Deputy/Assist. Supt. $171,045 (More)
RINGO MOLLY Deputy/Assist. Supt. $171,045 (More)
SCOTT PETER Deputy/Assist. Supt. $171,045 (More)
STEEDMAN JR GARTH Director/Supervisor $170,331 (More)
GUNN MIKE Director/Supervisor $169,874 (More)
LEBEAU DEBORAH Superintendent $169,450 (More)
MATTHES MELLODY Superintendent $169,400 (More)
CHRISTENSEN GARN Superintendent $168,580 (More)
GLENEWINKEL JOHN Superintendent $168,493 (More)
COLE RICHARD Superintendent $168,044 (More)
APOSTLE PAUL Director/Supervisor $167,208 (More)
BRIA ROCHONNE Superintendent $167,192 (More)
POSS FRED Deputy/Assist. Supt. $166,928 (More)
EVANS CAROLYN Other District Admin. $166,431 (More)
LARSEN-MCDOWELL KRISTINE Other District Admin. View Ridge Elementary $166,431 (More)
MAHRE CECILIA Deputy/Assist. Supt. $165,522 (More)
HAWKINS BRUCE Professional $165,000 (More)
ANDERSON MARK Deputy/Assist. Supt. $164,964 (More)
IZUTSU SCOTT Deputy/Assist. Supt. $164,262 (More)
NELSON MICHAEL Superintendent $163,137 (More)
FOGARD JANENE Deputy/Assist. Supt. $162,800 (More)
ROBERTS SYLVIA Deputy/Assist. Supt. $161,825 (More)
DAYBELL MARTY Director/Supervisor $160,319 (More)
MOORE JEFFREY Director/Supervisor $160,274 (More)
LYNCH GREGORY Superintendent $159,844 (More)
KEATING JANEL Superintendent $159,840 (More)
CUZZETTO CHARLES Superintendent $159,625 (More)
CERNA JOHN Superintendent $159,390 (More)
MACGREGOR ROBERT Superintendent $159,183 (More)
WOLF WILLIAM Superintendent $158,976 (More)
VENN MARK Superintendent $158,760 (More)
STENSAGER TIMOTHY Deputy/Assist. Supt. $158,633 (More)
KUPER JACOB Director/Supervisor $157,000 (More)
THIELE RONALD Other District Admin. $157,000 (More)
MILLER MARLA Deputy/Assist. Supt. $156,172 (More)
BEEMAN ROBERT Other District Admin. $155,435 (More)
STEDRY RICHARD Deputy/Assist. Supt. $154,967 (More)
KIRBY MICHAEL Superintendent $154,840 (More)
HERNDON LESTER Superintendent $154,588 (More)
BROCKMAN PHILIP Other District Admin. $154,130 (More)
BASH JOHN Other District Admin. $153,474 (More)
SCHIECHE JOHN Superintendent $153,435 (More)