School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
FERGUSON ERIC Other District Admin. Highland Middle School $239,500 (More)
PETERSON JAMES Secondary Principal Tillicum Middle School $225,130 (More)
JOHNSON MARK Superintendent Stanton Alternative School $200,440 (More)
ANDERSON DANA Superintendent Elger Bay Elementary $193,800 (More)
DUNN MICHAEL Superintendent Highlands Elementary School $186,300 (More)
SMITH ANTHONY Superintendent Coupeville High School $183,419 (More)
ANDERSON MARK Deputy/Assist. Supt. North Central High School $179,301 (More)
REID MICHELLE Superintendent Tahoma Jr High $177,996 (More)
BEEMAN ROBERT Other District Admin. Sultan/operations $175,517 (More)
NGUYEN THUAN Director/Supervisor Mariner High School $172,341 (More)
LARSEN-MCDOWELL KRISTINE Other District Admin. View Ridge Elementary $171,156 (More)
NELSON MICHAEL Superintendent Meadowdale Elementary $167,572 (More)
CARRIZOSA CARLA Secondary Teacher Cascade Middle School $166,211 (More)
MURPHY PATRICK Other District Admin. Auburn Mountainview High School $159,985 (More)
JOHNSON ANN Other District Admin. Nooksack Elementary $153,266 (More)
MOORE SHERYL Director/Supervisor Washington High School $152,880 (More)
SHANK JAMES Superintendent Moses Lake High School $151,500 (More)
GALLAGHER MICHAEL Secondary Principal Kamiak High School $150,034 (More)
KLINE BRENT Secondary Principal Mariner High School $150,034 (More)
BARRINGER WADE Secondary Principal Kent-Meridian High School $149,916 (More)
HOLMER DAVID Secondary Principal Darrington Sr High School $148,622 (More)
NEWMAN MICHAEL Deputy/Assist. Supt. Park Lodge Elementary School $148,141 (More)
ANDERSON BECKY Other District Admin. York Elementary School $147,345 (More)
THOMAS JEFFREY Director/Supervisor MP Pathways of Choice $146,619 (More)
HALL LINDA Superintendent Harrison Middle School $146,346 (More)
POTTS JOE Secondary Principal Kentlake High School $145,924 (More)
MANSELL MARK Superintendent La Center High School $145,000 (More)
DUTY TERRY Secondary Principal Tahoma Senior High School $144,969 (More)
NELSON AMY Other District Admin. Chauncey Davis Elementary $144,604 (More)
TINSLEY BRIAN Elem. Vice Principal Midway Elementary $144,450 (More)
BESETT DANNY Secondary Principal Wilson $144,049 (More)
KANNIER KEVIN Secondary Principal Mt Tahoma $144,049 (More)
MCGUIRE BONNIE Secondary Principal Foss $144,049 (More)
MILLER FORREST Director/Supervisor Valley School $143,470 (More)
MACDONALD AMY Other Support Personnel Meadowdale High School $143,172 (More)
ALBRECHT MICHAEL Secondary Principal Kentridge High School $142,748 (More)
KNISELEY JOHN Secondary Principal Kentwood High School $142,748 (More)
JONES CYNTHIA Other District Admin. Meeker Elementary $142,340 (More)
LANCASTER SALLY Secondary Principal Everett High School $142,339 (More)
TURNER LISA Director/Supervisor Elk Plain School of Choice $141,388 (More)
MILLER GEOFFREY Director/Supervisor Roxhill Elementary School $140,938 (More)
ROBBINS BARBARA Director/Supervisor Rochester Primary School $140,938 (More)
TOMLIN DAVID Elementary Principal Taholah Elementary & Middle School $140,906 (More)
COLGAN JOHN PAUL Secondary Principal Eatonville High School $140,823 (More)
BAKER JAMES Director/Supervisor Gilbert Elementary School $139,933 (More)
ERWIN PATRICK Secondary Principal Lincoln $139,826 (More)
IKEDA KEVIN Secondary Principal Stadium $139,826 (More)
WRIGHT JENNIFER Other District Admin. Blaine High School $139,479 (More)
GOLDEN DAVID Secondary Principal Lynnwood High School $138,421 (More)
HUDSON JILL Secondary Principal Nathan Hale High School $138,077 (More)
PUCKETT VICKI Secondary Principal Mercer Island High School $138,060 (More)
PETERS DAVID Secondary Principal Henry M. Jackson High School $137,818 (More)
WOODS CATHY Secondary Principal Cascade High School $137,818 (More)
ALLEN KEVIN Secondary Principal Oak Harbor High School $137,707 (More)
EHMAN KATHLEEN Other District Admin. PSD Special Services $137,659 (More)
SEBRING LINDA Director/Supervisor Hutch School $137,632 (More)
PATTERSON MATTHEW Other District Admin. Desert Hills Middle School $137,383 (More)
MEDSKER RUTH Secondary Principal West Seattle High School $137,078 (More)
HOWARD II THEODORE Secondary Principal Garfield High School $136,978 (More)
RUDY DAVID Other School Admin. Sno-Isle Skills Center $136,760 (More)
SWETT JON Secondary Principal Shaw Middle School $136,694 (More)
BAILEY JOHN Secondary Principal Voyager Middle School $136,115 (More)
WILEY JENNIFER Secondary Principal Franklin High School $136,075 (More)
TYO DONNA Secondary Principal Secondary Academy for Success $135,973 (More)
GREGORY DANIEL Other District Admin. Green Hill Academic School $135,761 (More)
PURYEAR RICHARD Director/Supervisor Star Elem School $135,371 (More)
SHAW JENNIFER Secondary Principal Franklin Pierce High School $135,145 (More)
SHERWOOD VICKI Secondary Principal Inglemoor HS $135,097 (More)
POWERS WILLIAM Secondary Principal Bellevue High School $135,094 (More)
CAHAN ERIC Secondary Principal Lake Stevens Sr High School $135,093 (More)
PORTER ELIZABETH Secondary Principal Evergreen Elementary $134,931 (More)
CLEVELAND CAROL Secondary Principal Adams Elementary $134,563 (More)
LOMBARDI JOHN Secondary Principal Monroe High School $134,426 (More)
NELSON SANDRA Other District Admin. Vista Middle School $134,302 (More)
STEWART ROBERT Secondary Principal Bothell High School $134,097 (More)
DUENWALD THOMAS Secondary Principal Sammamish Senior High $134,094 (More)
FRIEBOES MARIA Secondary Principal Interlake Senior High School $134,094 (More)
YAHOUDY DION Secondary Principal Newport Senior High School $134,094 (More)
HALFORD JR DAVID Secondary Principal Auburn Riverside High School $134,087 (More)
CRAWFORD STEVEN Director/Supervisor Bellevue High School $134,000 (More)
JOHNSON MICHAEL Other District Admin. Sterling Intermediate School $133,641 (More)
GATES-CORTEZ JANET Elementary Principal McCarver $133,552 (More)
AMENT THU Secondary Principal Oakland High School $133,434 (More)
HESTER JAMES Secondary Principal Washington High School $133,185 (More)
GAINES WILLIAM Secondary Principal Sumner High School $133,159 (More)
AMES TIMOTHY Superintendent Nathan Hale High School $133,000 (More)
KALTENBACH TERRI Secondary Principal Marysville Arts and Technology High School $132,860 (More)
STEVENSON SHAWN Secondary Principal Academy of Const and Engineering $132,860 (More)
REID KAREN Elementary Principal Serene Lake Elementary $132,780 (More)
SCHMIDT PATRICIA Secondary Vice Principal Kamiak High School $132,748 (More)
WILLIAMS ALICE Secondary Principal Explorer Middle School $132,614 (More)
ALMY JOSHUA Secondary Principal Liberty Sr High School $132,540 (More)
MICKELSON MIRIAM Secondary Principal Edmonds Woodway High School $132,534 (More)
SCHWAB GREGORY Secondary Principal Mountlake Terrace High School $132,534 (More)
DEAN JAMES Secondary Principal Glacier Peak High School $132,531 (More)
CRISCIONE KURT Secondary Principal Woodinville HS $132,514 (More)
BEDE WILLIAM Secondary Principal Eastlake High School $132,360 (More)
MOED GARY Secondary Principal Juanita High $132,360 (More)
THOMAS CHRISTINA Secondary Principal Deer Park High School $132,360 (More)
TODD JANE Secondary Principal Redmond High $132,360 (More)