School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
PURVIS IESHA Professional Poulsbo Middle School $684 (More)
HARDING JOHN Professional East Valley High School $682 (More)
LAMBERT DALE Other Support Personnel Eastmont Senior High $681 (More)
DONALD MARIA Professional Toutle Lake High School $675 (More)
GILBERT ERIN Professional Toutle Lake High School $675 (More)
KESSLER JANETTE Professional Toutle Lake High School $675 (More)
SEYMOUR TRACY Aide Bethel High School $672 (More)
JAMES BRITTNEY Professional Bonney Lake High School $669 (More)
LINK FONDA Aide Skyline Elementary $668 (More)
WALTHER RANDY Professional Sehome High School $665 (More)
SMITH LINDA Operator Ingraham High School $663 (More)
UHLIG EMILY Professional Kulshan Middle School $660 (More)
KAISER KIMBERLY Aide Meadows Elementary $655 (More)
ODLE JOAN Professional Mccleary Elem $650 (More)
GOFF GLYNNA Professional Anacortes Middle School $647 (More)
FRUEH SCOTT Aide Deer Park Home Link Program $644 (More)
LEMKA DIANA Aide Cougar Mountain Middle School $640 (More)
MILLA JACQUELINE Service Worker Evergreen Middle School $640 (More)
ROUNDS TRUDI Office/Clerical Firgrove Elementary $637 (More)
RAY RENEE Professional Bryant Center $635 (More)
CLAASSEN JENNIFER Professional Colfax High School $632 (More)
SMOOT KATHRYN Other Teacher Sammamish Senior High $632 (More)
ANDERSON NICOLE Professional Ness Elementary $631 (More)
BIRON DOUGLAS Professional Jemtegaard Middle School $631 (More)
SHILLING COURTNEY Professional Shuksan Middle School $630 (More)
BRITSCHGI ALMA Professional Lopez Middle High School $625 (More)
ROBERSON JESSICA Professional Lopez Middle High School $625 (More)
BOHM FREDRIC Aide Chester Elementary School $618 (More)
GUSMAN PENNYGALE Office/Clerical Yelm High School 12 $611 (More)
HOFFMAN STUART Service Worker Medina Elementary School $609 (More)
RODRIGUEZ JACOB Professional Otis Orchards School $609 (More)
SABLAN LISA Elementary Teacher Westgate Elementary $603 (More)
DIAMOND HOLLY Professional Coupeville High School $600 (More)
GARRETT BRIGITTE Professional Griffin School $600 (More)
HALL ASHLEY Professional Mead Senior High School $600 (More)
HICKEY CHARLENE Professional Homeconnection $600 (More)
HOGUE ROYCE Professional Shadle Park High School $600 (More)
MILLER MATTHEW Crafts/Trades West Valley High School $599 (More)
GUZZO LINDSAY Professional Edmonds Woodway High School $592 (More)
HUMPHREY KYRA Professional Sequim Community School $592 (More)
BEATTIE KRISTA Professional East Valley Enrichment Center $591 (More)
BEAUDOIN ANDREW Professional Otis Orchards School $591 (More)
HENDERSON RYAN Professional Trent School $591 (More)
COLLIER SHAI ANN Professional Palouse High School $585 (More)
GRINER ANGIE Professional Palouse High School $585 (More)
HARDIN SAUL Professional Decatur High School $585 (More)
BILLINGS CONNIE Aide Madison Elementary School $583 (More)
BAUMAN ANITA Aide Crestline Elementary School $582 (More)
RAGAN KAREN Aide Artondale Elementary School $579 (More)
MEDINA-GONZALEZ MARIA Aide West View Elementary $578 (More)
PEPPER KRISTINE Professional Sammamish Senior High $576 (More)
ELIAS TAMI Professional Lynden Middle School $563 (More)
TREMAIN STEVEN Technical International School $560 (More)
GARVIN CHERYL Professional Lake Roosevelt High School $559 (More)
LOCH REBECCA Professional Lake Roosevelt High School $559 (More)
SARACEVIC SAHZIJA Aide Brier Elementary $556 (More)
GARRISON MONICA Aide Early Childhood Center $545 (More)
LOCKE MICHAEL Professional Cascade High School $543 (More)
VASYLCHUK LILIYA Aide Camelot Elementary School $537 (More)
COLLINS BILLY Service Worker Tahoma Jr High $534 (More)
CLEARY SHARON Professional Bonney Lake High School $530 (More)
BISHOPP TAMMY Aide Wilson Elementary $521 (More)
ROBERTS BARBARA Professional Poulsbo Middle School $511 (More)
COZAD CAROL Professional Sehome High School $509 (More)
WALTHER RANDY Professional Sehome High School $509 (More)
CALLAHAN ERIN Professional Burlington Edison High School $500 (More)
DOPPS CORAL Professional Mt Spokane High School $500 (More)
FISCHER KRISTA Professional Mt Spokane High School $500 (More)
GILCRIST KAYCE Professional Deer Park Elementary $500 (More)
GREEN ERIN Professional Evergreen Elementary School $500 (More)
SAVAGE ANDREW Professional Mt Spokane High School $500 (More)
SHARP AUSTIN Professional Medical Lake High School $500 (More)
TOWNSEND MARCUS Professional Lewis & Clark High School $500 (More)
VOIGTLAENDER JENNIEL Professional Deer Park High School $500 (More)
WILHELMS MARK Professional Columbia High School $500 (More)
WING ARLYCE Other Support Personnel Bennett Elementary School $499 (More)
LINTERMAN CHRISTINA Aide Wilson Elementary $492 (More)
FLANIGAN SASCHA Aide Wilson Elementary $487 (More)
TAYLOR JEFF Secondary Teacher Mill Creek Middle School $484 (More)
ANDRE MICHAEL Professional Sammamish Senior High $480 (More)
SHERBROOKE DAVID Professional Bellevue High School $480 (More)
SCOTT THERESA Professional Hawkins Middle School $478 (More)
HARRIS R Professional Maplewood Parent Coop $475 (More)
BRENNAN CONSUELO Aide HomeConnection $470 (More)
BILESKY SUZANNE Aide Balboa Elementary $452 (More)
ANDERSON HEATHER Aide Browne Elementary $448 (More)
HUGHES MARGARET Aide Woodridge Elementary $448 (More)
MATHENY CRYSTAL Service Worker Medical Lake Middle School $444 (More)
SCHOENECKER DORIS Secondary Teacher Tillicum Middle School $444 (More)
MARTENS MICHAEL Professional A G West Black Hills High School $440 (More)
ROMIG TAMI Professional Ephrata High School $427 (More)
ABTS AMANDA Certificated on Leave George C Marshall Elementary $424 (More)
MIRES ANN Aide Jefferson Elementary $424 (More)
GAWLEY KRISTIN Professional La Center Middle School $420 (More)
GURITZ MEGAN Aide Michael T Simmons Elementary $420 (More)
SCOTT LISA Professional La Center High School $420 (More)
STINSON ROCHELLE Professional La Center Middle School $420 (More)
OLSON KATIE Aide Whitman Elementary $415 (More)
FANN LISA Aide Edison Elementary School $405 (More)
PATERSON MARY Aide Illahee Middle School $404 (More)