School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
ALLEN SANDRA Service Worker Grant Elementary $15,691 (More)
ELDER WANDA Aide Michael Anderson Elementary $15,690 (More)
MARTIN MARLO Operator $15,690 (More)
RECARDO ROBERTO Operator $15,690 (More)
SCHMIDT ERICH Operator $15,690 (More)
THWEATT AIMEE Operator $15,690 (More)
CRAWFORD KIM Aide College Place Elementary $15,689 (More)
HUGHES RHONDA Aide $15,689 (More)
KOONTZ LORI Aide Idlewild Elementary School $15,689 (More)
SCALF LAURIE Service Worker East Farms School $15,689 (More)
FUNKHOUSER CHRISTIE Aide Jason Lee Elementary School $15,688 (More)
JOHNSON DARLENE Operator Tapteal Elementary School $15,688 (More)
SOCAL ROBYN Aide Discovery Elementary School $15,688 (More)
PEACE SANDRA Aide Ilalko Elementary School $15,687 (More)
LATTA LENORE Operator $15,686 (More)
THRAMER ROBIN Aide Bay View Elementary $15,686 (More)
CARPENTER TRACY Aide Centennial Elementary School $15,684 (More)
KAHLER JAYNEE Aide Castle Rock Elementary $15,684 (More)
NELSON CHRISTINE Professional Washington Elementary School $15,684 (More)
JACOBS NORMA Operator $15,683 (More)
BOYLE CAROLE Aide Voyager Elementary $15,682 (More)
BRYANT DOUGLAS Operator SSCC High School Completion $15,682 (More)
FREY MARYLOU Aide Key Peninsula Middle School $15,682 (More)
LORANCE CHRISTINE Aide Crownhill Elementary School $15,681 (More)
NELSON BERTA Operator $15,681 (More)
PETTYGROVE LORI Aide View Ridge Elementary School $15,681 (More)
RUDDY MARY Aide West Hills S.T.E.M. Academy $15,681 (More)
WOOD VALERIE Aide Naval Avenue Elementary School $15,681 (More)
ASCHIM KOBI Aide Concrete High School $15,680 (More)
CADDY LALAINA Aide Center Elementary School $15,679 (More)
DORN CRYSTAL Aide Orondo Elementary and Middle School $15,679 (More)
HANSEN HOPE Aide Center Elementary School $15,679 (More)
NORDINE LORI Aide Center Elementary School $15,679 (More)
PARKINS ERIN Aide Chauncey Davis Elementary $15,679 (More)
REDMOND RUTH Aide Olympic View Elem $15,679 (More)
RIEZINSTEIN DENA Aide Yelm Prairie Elementary $15,679 (More)
ACTON EMMA Service Worker Richland High School $15,678 (More)
WILSON DEBORAH Service Worker Evergreen Elementary $15,678 (More)
NIEFORTH MEGAN Operator $15,677 (More)
GIFFORD SARAH Aide Winlock Middle School $15,676 (More)
KELLY JULIE Aide Coweeman Middle School $15,676 (More)
LENDER WENDY Aide Kelso High School $15,676 (More)
BASS ANDREA Office/Clerical Lewis & Clark High School $15,675 (More)
FRY SCOTT Technical Weyerhaeuser Elementary $15,672 (More)
MORIN MELANIE Aide Ellensburg High School $15,672 (More)
LASHER LINETTE Aide Mark Twain Elementary School $15,670 (More)
REISS RHONDA Aide Colbert Elementary School $15,670 (More)
AGUIRRE NICOLE Aide Pioneer Elementary $15,669 (More)
ALVAREZ CORINA Aide Pioneer Elementary $15,669 (More)
ANDERSON KIM Service Worker Desert Hills Middle School $15,669 (More)
STOSS BEVERLY Aide Crestwood Elementary $15,669 (More)
TREVINO JENNIFER Aide Pioneer Elementary $15,669 (More)
CICHOWSKI LAURA Office/Clerical Lynden High School $15,668 (More)
FARMER PERRY Service Worker Aspire Middle School $15,668 (More)
MILLER KAREN Office/Clerical Sumas Elementary $15,668 (More)
BEASON KEVIN Aide Ferndale High School $15,667 (More)
GIBBAR TRACY Aide Rosalia Elementary & Secondary School $15,667 (More)
WRIGHT SUZANNE Aide Robert Gray Elementary $15,667 (More)
BRAME TERESA Aide Cascadia Elementary $15,666 (More)
BURNS VIRGINIA Aide Cascadia Elementary $15,666 (More)
CRIM ANDREA Aide Skyline Elementary School $15,666 (More)
FITZSIMMONS ROBERT Aide Mountain View Elem $15,666 (More)
GARDNER KIMBERLY Aide $15,666 (More)
GREENWOOD THERESA Aide Ferndale High School $15,666 (More)
HANSEN SANDY Aide Cascadia Elementary $15,666 (More)
HARMER TINA Aide Vista Middle School $15,666 (More)
KNOWLTON WENDY Aide Ferndale High School $15,666 (More)
MALONEY BARBARA Aide Vista Middle School $15,666 (More)
MASON SHELLY Operator Mountain View Elem $15,666 (More)
MAUERMANN EMMA Aide Central Elementary $15,666 (More)
NERN LOIS Aide Skyline Elementary School $15,666 (More)
PETERSEN STEVEN Aide Ferndale High School $15,666 (More)
ROBERTS JARROD Aide Ferndale High School $15,666 (More)
SLEE SAMUEL Aide Vista Middle School $15,666 (More)
STOCK LORI Aide Vista Middle School $15,666 (More)
SWEITZER EDWARD Aide Ferndale High School $15,666 (More)
TOMKO TERRY Aide Skyline Elementary School $15,666 (More)
UTECHT BRITTINY Aide Ferndale High School $15,666 (More)
HASKINS TONI Aide Rochester Primary School $15,665 (More)
GRISHAM ROGER Operator $15,664 (More)
BILADEAU MARIE Aide Mount Vernon High School $15,663 (More)
CHOW CAROL Service Worker $15,663 (More)
MERRILL DEBRA Aide Mount Vernon Special Ed $15,663 (More)
STEINBACH LEANNE Aide Washington Elementary School $15,663 (More)
BONEBRAKE CARLA Aide Union Ridge Elementary $15,662 (More)
DUNHAM CINDY Aide Washington Elementary School $15,659 (More)
GREGA BARBARA Office/Clerical $15,659 (More)
ADAMS SALLY Aide Glenwood Heights Primary $15,658 (More)
CROWSON LINDA Aide $15,658 (More)
LAUGHLIN JOY Aide McLane Elementary School $15,658 (More)
MILLER JULIE Professional $15,658 (More)
HARRIS KATHLEEN Service Worker Blix Elementary $15,657 (More)
MEYER DEBORAH Service Worker Foss $15,657 (More)
FORSMAN PAMELA Aide Pioneer Elementary $15,655 (More)
GRIFFIN MELANIE Aide Red Rock Elementary $15,655 (More)
PRENTICE CHERYL Aide $15,655 (More)
ALVARADO JUAN Aide Red Rock Elementary $15,654 (More)
DYE CORINNE Aide Madrona Elementary $15,654 (More)
HELLER LARRY Operator $15,654 (More)
FROBERG SHARON Aide Hillcrest Elementary School $15,653 (More)