School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
ELLER THOMAS Secondary Teacher Coupeville High School $65,642 (More)
ELLERBY PATRICIA Aide Woodward Middle School $17,179 (More)
ELLERD MITCHELL Secondary Teacher Chiawana High School $59,922 (More)
ELLERD SARA Other Support Personnel Ferris High School $60,635 (More)
ELLERING-OLWELL JOAN Other Teacher Discovery Elementary $80,580 (More)
ELLERMAN DIANA Secondary Teacher Cedarcrest School $83,751 (More)
ELLERMEIER PHYLLIS Social Worker PSD Special Services $84,414 (More)
ELLERSICK JEFF Secondary Principal Ellensburg High School $104,907 (More)
ELLERSICK JENNIFER Elementary Teacher Sadie Halstead Middle School $64,174 (More)
ELLERTSON KAREN Aide Skyview High School $19,334 (More)
ELLES CARLOS Technical Frank Wagner Elementary $43,912 (More)
ELLESTAD SUSAN Elementary Teacher Peninsula Elementary $74,381 (More)
ELLETT GAIL Elementary Teacher Riverview Elementary School $74,819 (More)
ELLGEN SCOTT Technical Yelm High School 12 $39,748 (More)
ELLIFF LAURIE Office/Clerical Eatonville Elementary School $37,073 (More)
ELLIG JACQUELINE Secondary Teacher Lynden High School $74,680 (More)
ELLIG TRACI Aide Ridge View Elementary School $17,089 (More)
ELLIGSEN STEVE Secondary Teacher Key Peninsula Middle School $69,160 (More)
ELLINGER ANDREA Secondary Teacher Mattson Middle School $84,692 (More)
ELLINGER CHRISTOPHER Secondary Teacher Mountlake Terrace High School $76,009 (More)
ELLINGER CINDY Aide Presidents Elementary $23,736 (More)
ELLINGSEN KATHRYN Library Media Specialist Dunlap Elementary School $74,094 (More)
ELLINGSEN MARGARET Elementary Teacher Chinook Elementary School $58,352 (More)
ELLINGSON ABIGAIL Elementary Teacher Sherwood Forest Elementary $62,538 (More)
ELLINGSON BRETT Elementary Principal Olympic Elementary $101,950 (More)
ELLINGSON JENNIFER Elementary Teacher Woodridge Elementary $59,638 (More)
ELLINGSON JILL Secondary Teacher Northwood Middle School $43,943 (More)
ELLINGSON KATHLEEN Secondary Teacher Shorecrest High School $80,105 (More)
ELLINGSON LESLIE Nurse Horizons Elementary $22,120 (More)
ELLINGSON LINDA Aide Columbia Elementary School $20,045 (More)
ELLINGSON MARY Aide Image Elementary School $18,491 (More)
ELLINGSON REBECCA Aide Orchard Center Elementary $13,234 (More)
ELLINGSON ROBY Secondary Teacher Stanwood High School $69,490 (More)
ELLINGSWORTH PATRICIA Elementary Teacher Mcloughlin Middle School $69,263 (More)
ELLINGTON THOMAS Professional Fife High School $4,767 (More)
ELLINGWOOD LYNN Aide Bell Elementary $15,392 (More)
ELLIOT CHRISTIE Elementary Teacher South Whidbey Elementary $66,106 (More)
ELLIOT DENISE Office/Clerical Tiffany Park Elementary School $9,972 (More)
ELLIOT MEAGAN Counselor Pine Lake Middle School $78,408 (More)
ELLIOTT ALEC Secondary Teacher Aylen Jr High $51,542 (More)
ELLIOTT AMI Aide Indian Trail Elementary $5,098 (More)
ELLIOTT ANDREW Elementary Teacher Riverview Elementary School $53,503 (More)
ELLIOTT ANN Secondary Teacher Tumwater High School $71,641 (More)
ELLIOTT ARLENE Service Worker North Central High School $30,532 (More)
ELLIOTT BARBARA Secondary Teacher Mountain View High School $59,855 (More)
ELLIOTT BETHANY Aide Cascade Elementary School $6,698 (More)
ELLIOTT BRANDEE Secondary Teacher Morris Ford Middle School $48,180 (More)
ELLIOTT BRIEN Secondary Teacher Evergreen Middle School $83,272 (More)
ELLIOTT BRITTANY Secondary Teacher Henry M. Jackson High School $56,751 (More)
ELLIOTT CAROLINE Elementary Teacher Kiona-Benton City Primary School $37,516 (More)
ELLIOTT CAROLYN Office/Clerical Roosevelt Elementary School $32,680 (More)
ELLIOTT CHRISTEL Other Teacher Stanley $51,428 (More)
ELLIOTT CHRISTINE Office/Clerical Mann $46,689 (More)
ELLIOTT CHRISTINE Office/Clerical Mann $38,774 (More)
ELLIOTT CINDY Secondary Teacher Orcas Island Middle School $65,482 (More)
ELLIOTT CRYSTAL Psychologist Brier Terrace Middle School $59,860 (More)
ELLIOTT DAVID Elementary Principal La Venture Middle School $115,813 (More)
ELLIOTT DAVID Library Media Specialist La Venture Middle School $74,924 (More)
ELLIOTT DAVID Elementary Teacher La Venture Middle School $43,467 (More)
ELLIOTT DAWN Secondary Teacher Lochburn Middle School $43,958 (More)
ELLIOTT DEANA Library Media Specialist Mount Baker Middle School $71,740 (More)
ELLIOTT DEBRA Elementary Principal Fruit Valley Elementary School $111,564 (More)
ELLIOTT DEE Aide Horizon Middle School $19,448 (More)
ELLIOTT DELYNN Counselor Selah High School $73,443 (More)
ELLIOTT DIANE Aide Pine Lake Middle School $17,923 (More)
ELLIOTT DONNA Aide Michael T Simmons Elementary $12,644 (More)
ELLIOTT ELAINE Other Support Personnel Lake Youngs Elementary School $82,252 (More)
ELLIOTT ERIC Secondary Teacher R A Long High School $63,286 (More)
ELLIOTT GORDON Secondary Teacher Auburn Senior High School $92,347 (More)
ELLIOTT HOWARD Service Worker Bainbridge High School $48,228 (More)
ELLIOTT JANE Service Worker Housel Middle School $30,236 (More)
ELLIOTT JEAN Aide Oakwood Elementary School $22,085 (More)
ELLIOTT JEFFREY Elementary Teacher Zeiger Elementary $55,962 (More)
ELLIOTT JEREMY Secondary Teacher Royal Middle School $60,554 (More)
ELLIOTT JODI Aide Pine Tree Elementary School $19,521 (More)
ELLIOTT JULIA Aide Timbercrest Junior High $14,004 (More)
ELLIOTT KAREN Aide Edwin Markham Elementary $18,950 (More)
ELLIOTT KELLY Aide Dry Creek Elementary $26,378 (More)
ELLIOTT KIMBERLY Elementary Teacher Columbia Junior High School $79,341 (More)
ELLIOTT KIMBERLY Elementary Teacher Columbia Junior High School $64,505 (More)
ELLIOTT KIMBERLY Aide Columbia Junior High School $22,479 (More)
ELLIOTT KRISTEN Elementary Teacher Valhalla Elementary School $49,005 (More)
ELLIOTT LAURA Aide Mount Rainier High School $21,081 (More)
ELLIOTT LISA Elementary Teacher Woodland Primary $75,653 (More)
ELLIOTT LISA Elementary Teacher Woodland Primary $75,449 (More)
ELLIOTT LISA Elementary Teacher Woodland Primary $43,551 (More)
ELLIOTT LISA Aide Woodland Primary $15,890 (More)
ELLIOTT LIZA Aide Glenwood Elementary $19,510 (More)
ELLIOTT MARK Secondary Teacher International Community School $66,673 (More)
ELLIOTT MARYLEE Aide Wilson Middle School $21,355 (More)
ELLIOTT MEGAN Elementary Teacher Whitman Elementary $51,308 (More)
ELLIOTT MELANIE Other Teacher Bainbridge High School $80,141 (More)
ELLIOTT MICHAEL Secondary Teacher Central Valley High School $74,934 (More)
ELLIOTT NAOMI Elementary Teacher Arthur Jacobsen Elementary $66,959 (More)
ELLIOTT NATHAN Aide Woodlands Elementary $17,651 (More)
ELLIOTT PATSY Service Worker Bethel High School $5,935 (More)
ELLIOTT PEGGY Aide Horse Heaven Hills Middle School $13,789 (More)
ELLIOTT RENE Elementary Teacher Columbia Valley Elementary $74,819 (More)
ELLIOTT RHAME Aide Kettle Falls Middle School $15,310 (More)
ELLIOTT RHONDA Service Worker Columbia High And Elementary $15,828 (More)