School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
DERHEIM TINA Operator SSCC High School Completion $11,919 (More)
DERION LISA Elementary Teacher Harrison Prep School $54,258 (More)
DERKACHT DORIS Aide Northlake Elementary School $18,548 (More)
DERLINE SUSAN Aide Sunrise Elementary School $8,618 (More)
DERN SHARON Service Worker Mill Creek Elementary $27,102 (More)
DEROEST NANCY Elementary Teacher Frank Wagner Elementary $78,105 (More)
DEROEST THOMAS Service Worker SSCC High School Completion $43,264 (More)
DEROOY TERESA Aide Carnation Elementary School $21,648 (More)
DEROSA ANGELA Elementary Teacher Midland Elementary $72,578 (More)
DEROSA CORRINE Secondary Principal Issaquah Middle School $115,440 (More)
DEROSA GLORIA Secondary Teacher Discovery $67,656 (More)
DEROSHIA GAIL Office/Clerical Wilson Elementary $35,960 (More)
DEROSIA TISHA Service Worker Snoqualmie Middle School $13,948 (More)
DEROSIER ANDREA Professional Kelso High School $5,885 (More)
DEROSIER JEANETTE Office/Clerical Bethel High School $35,112 (More)
DEROSIER KACIE Professional Kelso High School $2,581 (More)
DEROSIER LAUREN Service Worker Beacon Hill Elementary $11,060 (More)
DEROSIER VALERIE Office/Clerical Stevens Elementary School $43,104 (More)
DEROSSO TAMELA Elementary Teacher Midway Elementary $46,868 (More)
DEROUSIE NICOLE Elementary Teacher Kiona-Benton City Primary School $17,919 (More)
DEROUT STEPHAN Service Worker $44,808 (More)
DERR AARON Aide Center Elementary School $16,669 (More)
DERR CARRIE Elementary Teacher Grand Coulee Dam Middle School $62,037 (More)
DERR GAYNELLE Secondary Teacher Mountlake Terrace High School $57,333 (More)
DERR LAURIE Elementary Teacher Hilder Pearson Elementary $46,770 (More)
DERR-BOEHM TRACY Aide Vinland Elementary $12,982 (More)
DERREY DONNETTA Service Worker Satus Elementary $24,265 (More)
DERREY MELINDA Aide Hilton Elementary School $14,176 (More)
DERRICK JOY Elementary Teacher Ponderosa Elementary $37,749 (More)
DERRICK PAUL Service Worker Lewis & Clark Middle School $34,507 (More)
DERRICK PHILIP Secondary Teacher Easton School $68,487 (More)
DERRICK REBECCA Operator SSCC High School Completion $25,514 (More)
DERRICK SHERYL Service Worker Woodland Primary $37,461 (More)
DERRICK TAD Service Worker Camas High School $34,237 (More)
DERRICK WILMAR Professional Lakota Middle School $3,547 (More)
DERRICK II WAYNE Elementary Teacher Frontier Middle School $53,741 (More)
DERRY JEANETTE Secondary Teacher Shorecrest High School $80,515 (More)
DERRY LISA Aide Roxhill Elementary School $35,071 (More)
DERSEH ASSEGID Secondary Teacher Chief Sealth International High School $86,024 (More)
DERSOM MARK Elementary Teacher Cedar Wood Elementary $59,358 (More)
DERTING JUSTIN Aide Parkway Elementary $15,356 (More)
DERUWE JULIA Director/Supervisor SSCC High School Completion $71,494 (More)
DERUWE KAREN Operator $30,021 (More)
DERUWE SUSAN Counselor Prescott Jr Sr High $70,514 (More)
DERY NATASHA Operator $10,877 (More)
DERYUEN WHITNEY Elementary Teacher Cherry Crest Elementary School $48,490 (More)
DES LONGCHAMP BETSY Aide Southern Heights Elementary $14,991 (More)
DESAI SEJAL Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. Roosevelt Elementary School $50,536 (More)
DESANTO JENNIFER Aide Mukilteo Elementary $11,224 (More)
DESAUTEL DIANA Professional Inchelium Middle School $3,006 (More)
DESAUTEL KYLE Professional Lake Roosevelt High School $2,800 (More)
DESAUTEL PATRICIA Office/Clerical Center Elementary School $26,653 (More)
DESAUTELS ADAM Secondary Teacher Redmond High $50,938 (More)
DESAUTELS KAREN Psychologist $47,907 (More)
DESAUTELS TRAVIS Elementary Teacher K-5 STEM at Boren $47,137 (More)
DESBIENS JODIE Director/Supervisor $86,290 (More)
DESBIENS JODIE Secondary Teacher Woodinville HS $1,686 (More)
DESBRISAY NATALIE Secondary Teacher Mcloughlin Middle School $47,161 (More)
DESCALA JANICE Aide Stevens Middle School $23,773 (More)
DESCHAINE DAVID Secondary Teacher Cedarcrest School $69,171 (More)
DESCHANE AMY Other Teacher Richland High School $59,770 (More)
DESCHEEMAEKER ANDREA Secondary Teacher Cedarcrest High School $63,088 (More)
DESCOTEAUX PETER Other Teacher Ellen Ochoa Middle School $61,943 (More)
DESEIVE JACQUELINE Aide Early Childhood Center $12,903 (More)
DESHAW MARJORIE Office/Clerical Stahl Junior High $26,064 (More)
DESHAW MICHELE Other School Admin. Legacy High School $102,841 (More)
DESHAYES DIANE Service Worker $18,183 (More)
DESHAZER LESLIE Elementary Teacher Illahee Elementary School $33,043 (More)
DESHAZER MONICA Counselor Ridgefield High School $52,565 (More)
DESHAZO GABRIEL Service Worker Richland High School $23,302 (More)
DESHIELDS HARRY Operator $16,920 (More)
DESHLER CYNTHIA Elementary Teacher Thornton Creek Elementary School $35,504 (More)
DESHON JENNIFER Aide Friday Harbor Elementary School $10,095 (More)
DESILET DARCI Secondary Teacher Glacier Peak High School $60,852 (More)
DESILET ROBIN Secondary Teacher Burlington Edison High School $49,564 (More)
DESILVA CAROL Elementary Teacher North Hill Elementary $68,293 (More)
DESIMONE JANET Service Worker Sammamish Senior High $9,785 (More)
DESIMONE KAREN Other Teacher Otis Orchards School $59,026 (More)
DESIMONE SUSAN Aide Audubon Elementary $18,236 (More)
DESIMONE VINCENZO Professional Mariner High School $4,966 (More)
DESIPIO FRANCES Office/Clerical $36,429 (More)
DESISTO ALESSANDRA Office/Clerical Odyssey - The Essential School $39,533 (More)
DESJARDIEN ABIGAIL Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. $27,691 (More)
DESJARLAIS ZACHARY Secondary Teacher Hudson's Bay High School $54,155 (More)
DESKINS ANDREA Elementary Teacher White Bluffs Elementary School $25,724 (More)
DESKINS KATHY Aide Chauncey Davis Elementary $16,522 (More)
DESKINS LYNNE Aide Covington Elementary School $11,794 (More)
DESKINS RYAN Secondary Teacher Curtis Senior High $63,878 (More)
DESLER ANGELA Secondary Teacher Sehome High School $60,944 (More)
DESLER LEIF Secondary Teacher Lucille Umbarger Elementary $47,096 (More)
DESLER RACHEL Secondary Teacher Eckstein Middle School $67,537 (More)
DESMARAIS ANNA Office/Clerical $36,192 (More)
DESMARAIS AUDREY Service Worker Robert L Olds Junior High School $21,848 (More)
DESMARAIS KIM Service Worker Connell High School $10,123 (More)
DESMOND DANIEL Secondary Teacher Bellevue High School $70,040 (More)
DESMOND KRISTEN Technical $45,661 (More)
DESMOND SHELLEY Elementary Teacher Juanita Elementary $37,547 (More)
DESORMEAUX PATRICIA Elementary Teacher Felida Elementary School $70,279 (More)
DESPAIN RAMONA Office/Clerical Sawyer Woods Elementary School $18,919 (More)