School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2013-2014 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
MEYER LISA Professional Liberty Lake Elementary $1,500 (More)
MEYER MANDY Office/Clerical Carmichael Middle School $29,451 (More)
MEYER MARK Secondary Teacher Othello High School $57,693 (More)
MEYER MARLENE Elementary Teacher Virgie Robinson Elementary $65,287 (More)
MEYER MATTHEW Secondary Teacher Wilson Middle School $67,875 (More)
MEYER MELINDA Secondary Vice Principal Walla Walla High School $100,903 (More)
MEYER MELISSA Professional North Central High School $30,917 (More)
MEYER MELISSA Service Worker North Central High School $15,201 (More)
MEYER MICHELLE Aide Fords Prairie Elementary $14,809 (More)
MEYER MOLLY Elementary Teacher Broadview-Thomson K-8 School $73,890 (More)
MEYER NANCY Elementary Teacher David Wolfle Elementary $70,948 (More)
MEYER NANCY Aide David Wolfle Elementary $15,584 (More)
MEYER NATALY Elementary Teacher Lake Louise Elementary School $39,106 (More)
MEYER NATHAN Secondary Teacher Highline High School $53,770 (More)
MEYER NICHOLE Professional Cheney High School $2,400 (More)
MEYER PAGE Other District Admin. Kent Elementary School $122,256 (More)
MEYER PAMELA Secondary Teacher Sacajawea Middle School $43,406 (More)
MEYER PAULA Technical Helen Baller Elem $17,293 (More)
MEYER RAY Professional Capital High School $3,609 (More)
MEYER ROBERT Secondary Teacher Juanita High $66,923 (More)
MEYER ROBERT Crafts/Trades Juanita High $52,270 (More)
MEYER RONALD Secondary Teacher Fife High School $78,057 (More)
MEYER SANDRA Aide Curlew Elem & High School $14,800 (More)
MEYER SARAH Elementary Teacher Fernwood Elementary $47,136 (More)
MEYER SCOTT Elementary Principal Ptarmigan Ridge Intermediate Sch $92,645 (More)
MEYER SHANNON Aide Kopachuck Middle School $16,806 (More)
MEYER STACY Elementary Teacher Pioneer Elementary School $57,476 (More)
MEYER STEPHANIE Aide Lincoln Elementary $13,590 (More)
MEYER STEVEN Secondary Teacher Davis High School $52,638 (More)
MEYER THERESA Secondary Vice Principal Lewis & Clark High School $111,696 (More)
MEYER TILLY Secondary Vice Principal Pacific Middle School $100,227 (More)
MEYER TINA Secondary Teacher HeLa High School $6,622 (More)
MEYER VICKI Secondary Teacher Sno-Isle Skills Center $71,554 (More)
MEYER WILLIAM Professional Granite Falls Middle School $1,934 (More)
MEYER GABEL THERESA Aide Bellevue High School $23,814 (More)
MEYERHOFF DAWN Elementary Teacher Firgrove Elementary $69,052 (More)
MEYERHOFF JAMES Secondary Teacher Emerald Ridge High School $83,809 (More)
MEYERHOFF LAURA Occupational Therapist Helen Baller Elem $63,937 (More)
MEYERING JULIA Secondary Teacher Tillicum Middle School $65,592 (More)
MEYERS AUDREY Elementary Principal Lake Wilderness Elementary $132,074 (More)
MEYERS BENTLEY Secondary Teacher Mount Si High School $89,652 (More)
MEYERS CHRISTINE Secondary Teacher Evergreen Middle School $63,799 (More)
MEYERS DIANE Office/Clerical Olympic View Elementary School $37,462 (More)
MEYERS JANETT Secondary Teacher Kent Mountain View Academy $81,011 (More)
MEYERS JOLYNNE Nurse McCarver $36,307 (More)
MEYERS JUANITA Aide Stanwood High School $22,484 (More)
MEYERS KATHY Elementary Teacher Sheridan Elementary $66,206 (More)
MEYERS KAYLA Elementary Teacher James Sales Elementary $48,606 (More)
MEYERS LINDA Aide Shaw Road Elementary $21,640 (More)
MEYERS LYNNE Service Worker Battle Ground High School $41,697 (More)
MEYERS MARK Secondary Teacher Pacific Cascade Middle School $58,501 (More)
MEYERS MARK Laborer Pacific Cascade Middle School $47,358 (More)
MEYERS MICHELLE Aide Mt View Elementary $11,106 (More)
MEYERS MINDY Elementary Teacher Marvista Elementary $69,809 (More)
MEYERS MITCHELL Secondary Teacher Marysville Mountain View High School $87,307 (More)
MEYERS PAULA Aide Washington Middle School $20,011 (More)
MEYERS ROYCE Elementary Teacher Greenacres Middle School $59,228 (More)
MEYERS RUSSEL Secondary Teacher Glacier View Junior High $74,280 (More)
MEYERS SANDRA Aide Thornton Creek Elementary School $36,762 (More)
MEYERS SCOTT Professional Manson High School $2,471 (More)
MEYERS SHANNON Aide Northeast Tacoma $31,010 (More)
MEYERS STEPHEN Professional Mattson Middle School $5,372 (More)
MEYERS STEVEN Other Teacher Orting High School $51,708 (More)
MEYERS TERESA Aide Lakeside Middle School $4,739 (More)
MEYERS VERLAINE Elementary Teacher Haller Middle School $59,689 (More)
MEYERS-HARRIS MARTHA Counselor Cheney Middle School $71,565 (More)
MEYERSON BEAU Other Teacher Marshall Elementary $55,510 (More)
MEYHOFF KATHLEEN Service Worker Chester H Thompson Elementary $9,702 (More)
MEZA CELINA Elementary Teacher Horizon Middle School $50,767 (More)
MEZA ELIZABETH Aide Woodmoor Elementary $13,263 (More)
MEZA KATHERINE Aide Broadway Elementary $6,242 (More)
MEZA LYNDA Office/Clerical Homelink River $15,872 (More)
MEZGEBU ABEBECH Service Worker Knolls Vista Elementary $19,284 (More)
MEZGER DARREN Secondary Teacher Sunnyside High School $75,047 (More)
MEZGER SARAH Elementary Teacher Castle Rock Elementary $44,749 (More)
MEZICH KELLY Elementary Teacher Frank Love Elementary $49,255 (More)
MEZICH STEVEN Secondary Vice Principal Lake Washington High $49,090 (More)
MEZISTRANO JUSTIN Secondary Teacher Sammamish Senior High $19,420 (More)
MEZZACAPPA JOYCE Office/Clerical Madison Headstart $40,197 (More)
MEZZULO PATRICIA Service Worker Gateway Middle School $9,013 (More)
MIANA ARMAND Service Worker Central Kitsap High School $33,176 (More)
MIANO MELODY Aide HomeConnection $4,510 (More)
MICELI MARIE Elementary Teacher Maywood Hills Elementary $61,177 (More)
MICHAEL AMY Secondary Teacher Todd Beamer High School $49,256 (More)
MICHAEL CATHERINE Occupational Therapist Purdy Elementary School $66,394 (More)
MICHAEL CONNIE Elementary Teacher John Newbery Elementary $66,568 (More)
MICHAEL KARA Elementary Teacher East Valley Elementary $66,909 (More)
MICHAEL KELLY Other Teacher Otis Orchards School $66,419 (More)
MICHAEL KIMBERLEY Office/Clerical Issaquah High School $37,082 (More)
MICHAEL LARRY Professional Eastmont Senior High $9,300 (More)
MICHAEL LIDA Aide Jefferson Elementary $16,597 (More)
MICHAEL LINDA Elementary Teacher Gold Bar Elementary $43,277 (More)
MICHAEL LINDSAY Elementary Teacher Northlake Elementary School $42,119 (More)
MICHAEL PAUL Service Worker Mckinley Elementary School $15,563 (More)
MICHAEL SHAUN Aide Spanaway Middle School $21,210 (More)
MICHAELIS ANGELA Secondary Teacher Heritage High School $63,641 (More)
MICHAELIS CHRISTY Elementary Teacher Crystal Springs Elementary $65,046 (More)
MICHAELIS CORY Secondary Teacher Cascade High School $70,917 (More)
MICHAELIS CYNTHIA Aide Hawthorne Elementary School $25,881 (More)
MICHAELIS DACCA Secondary Teacher Thomas Jefferson High School $72,528 (More)