School Employee Salaries

This database reflects Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits for the 2012-2013 school year, the most recent available. It also incorporates records of disciplinary actions as posted on the Web site of the Office of Professional Practices and a database of National Board Certified Teachers.

The information was provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, responding to a public records request. It represents a snapshot in time – employees may have left or had changes in status or pay. Email questions.

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Last Name First Name Position School Name Total Pay  
LETH SUZANNE Elementary Teacher West Woodland Elementary School $63,377 (More)
LETHER JOHN Secondary Teacher Forks Middle School $55,452 (More)
LETKO RAMONA Operator $15,193 (More)
LETOURNEAU BRIAN Secondary Teacher Olympia High School $19,831 (More)
LETT KAREN Director/Supervisor Griffin School $50,000 (More)
LETTEER ANNA Operator $18,348 (More)
LETTERMAN MARY Library Media Specialist Stanley $65,845 (More)
LETTIC SHAWN Service Worker Kenmore Junior High $8,159 (More)
LETTS JUDY Operator $16,192 (More)
LEU ANITA Elementary Teacher Carriage Crest Elementary School $74,113 (More)
LEU-CARRIERE BRENDA Aide Edmonds Elementary $2,511 (More)
LEUENBERGER KIRK Professional $69,316 (More)
LEUNG YAT Technical Interagency Programs $55,993 (More)
LEUPOLD TAMARA Aide Columbia Elementary $21,563 (More)
LEUPOLD THERESA Service Worker A G West Black Hills High School $17,087 (More)
LEURQUIN BRADLEY Service Worker Cedar Heights Jh $38,605 (More)
LEUSCHEL TERESA Aide Central Valley High School $16,314 (More)
LEUSCHEN DEBORAH Secondary Teacher George Washington Bush Middle Sch $74,912 (More)
LEUSCHEN DONNAMARIE Aide Methow Valley Elementary $18,920 (More)
LEUTHAUSER KATHRYN Secondary Teacher Bickleton Elementary & High Schl $33,851 (More)
LEUTHOLD JESSICA Elementary Teacher Harvard Elementary $28,603 (More)
LEUTHY JANET Elementary Teacher Adelaide Elementary School $66,311 (More)
LEUTY BARBARA Elementary Teacher Salmon Bay K-8 School $48,173 (More)
LEVACK JOSEPH Service Worker Alderwood Middle School $42,330 (More)
LEVACK JOSEPH Service Worker Fairmount Elementary $18,280 (More)
LEVALLEY SHAWN Elementary Teacher Thornton Creek Elementary School $73,243 (More)
LEVAN EILEEN Secondary Teacher Timberline High School $58,752 (More)
LEVAN LAURA Elementary Teacher Lincoln Elementary School $35,653 (More)
LEVAN ROGER Secondary Teacher Cavelero Mid High School $91,470 (More)
LEVANDUSKY JANETTE Other Teacher Peninsula High School $73,322 (More)
LEVAR CINDY Aide Sunnyslope Elementary School $21,760 (More)
LEVAR LEAH Service Worker Purdy Elementary School $23,765 (More)
LEVAR NICOLE Service Worker Artondale Elementary School $21,238 (More)
LEVASSEUR MARY Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. Pleasant Valley Middle $49,585 (More)
LEVCOVICH NANCY Elementary Teacher Chloe Clark Elementary $62,257 (More)
LEVEL HENRY Secondary Teacher Liberty Sr High School $48,821 (More)
LEVENS ERICA Elementary Teacher Chester H Thompson Elementary $47,895 (More)
LEVENS R Elementary Teacher Foss $78,855 (More)
LEVENS VICKI Other Teacher Clover Creek Elementary $66,365 (More)
LEVENSELLER JACQUELINE Secondary Teacher Klahowya Secondary $81,795 (More)
LEVENSELLER JAN Secondary Teacher Curtis Senior High $78,868 (More)
LEVENSELLER SARAH Elementary Teacher Drum Intermediate $74,422 (More)
LEVENSELLER STEPHEN Secondary Teacher Peninsula High School $77,925 (More)
LEVENSON MARTHA Aide Stevens Elementary School $35,071 (More)
LEVENTON JANICE Aide Cascade Elementary School $17,788 (More)
LEVENTON NANCY Office/Clerical $45,659 (More)
LEVEQUE BRIAN Service Worker South Kitsap High School $32,323 (More)
LEVEQUE HENRY Counselor McClure Middle School $51,614 (More)
LEVEQUE LISA Secondary Teacher Fir Grove Childrens Center $72,279 (More)
LEVEQUE MARCIA Elementary Teacher West Mercer Elementary $79,885 (More)
LEVEQUE SANDRA Aide Marshall Elementary $24,042 (More)
LEVEQUE WASS RENEE Other Teacher Shorecrest High School $38,754 (More)
LEVER DAVE Operator SSCC High School Completion $14,639 (More)
LEVERENZ CHRISTINE Secondary Teacher Auburn Riverside High School $83,443 (More)
LEVERENZ PATTI Office/Clerical Kent-Meridian High School $30,273 (More)
LEVERETT JODY Elementary Teacher Voyager Elementary $45,683 (More)
LEVERETT LEORA Service Worker Southridge High School $23,912 (More)
LEVERING REGINA Office/Clerical Deer Park Home Link Program $1,360 (More)
LEVERINGTON JENNIFER Elementary Teacher Forks Elementary School $41,207 (More)
LEVERSON DONNA Aide Grant $21,665 (More)
LEVERSON LUANN Secondary Teacher Mcloughlin Middle School $67,503 (More)
LEVERSON MARILYN Secondary Teacher Kellogg Middle School $60,340 (More)
LEVERSON ZOE Other Teacher Adams Elementary School $61,861 (More)
LEVERTON ANDREA Elementary Teacher Alpac Elementary School $64,874 (More)
LEVERTON KIRT Crafts/Trades $46,446 (More)
LEVESQUE ALYSSA Elementary Teacher Island View Elementary $50,097 (More)
LEVIN BARBARA Psychologist $76,176 (More)
LEVIN BRYCE Professional Everett High School $4,674 (More)
LEVIN DARCEL Service Worker Whittier Elementary $26,636 (More)
LEVIN JOANNE Secondary Teacher Everett High School $91,605 (More)
LEVIN NADEAN Aide Sultan Senior High School $18,216 (More)
LEVIN RALPH Elementary Teacher Cherry Crest Elementary School $80,657 (More)
LEVIN ROBYN Aide Waldron Island School $1,278 (More)
LEVIN THERESE Office/Clerical Mariner High School $39,170 (More)
LEVINE AANYA Professional $64,654 (More)
LEVINE DAVID Secondary Teacher Big Picture School $49,134 (More)
LEVINE ERIC Other Teacher Inglemoor HS $40,949 (More)
LEVINE JANE Aide Spanaway Elementary $21,929 (More)
LEVINE JESSICA Secondary Teacher Eckstein Middle School $65,216 (More)
LEVINE LAURIE Secondary Teacher Kamiak High School $90,554 (More)
LEVINE ROBIN Other Teacher Issaquah High School $67,422 (More)
LEVINE TRACY Spch.-Lang. Path./Audio. Maple Grove K-8 $53,373 (More)
LEVINS ALICIA Aide Evergreen Middle School $3,428 (More)
LEVINSON CASSIDY Elementary Teacher West Mercer Elementary $56,829 (More)
LEVINSON HARRIS Secondary Teacher Vashon Island High School $61,754 (More)
LEVINSON KERIANN Elementary Teacher Lakeview Elementary $46,149 (More)
LEVISON MELISSA Secondary Teacher Liberty Middle School $62,258 (More)
LEVIT ZINAIDA Secondary Teacher Shorewood High School $67,931 (More)
LEVITEN DAVID Elementary Teacher Explorer Community School $49,561 (More)
LEVITIN WILSON LAURA Aide Star Lake Elementary School $9,287 (More)
LEVITON JAY Other District Admin. $121,512 (More)
LEVITSKI IRIS Operator $27,101 (More)
LEVITT FLORENCE Aide Early Childhood Center $22,144 (More)
LEVKOVSKY IRINA Other Teacher East Hill Elementary School $40,920 (More)
LEVY BRIAN Director/Supervisor $54,826 (More)
LEVY DANA Operator $22,496 (More)
LEVY DARLENE Secondary Teacher Mann Middle School $69,645 (More)
LEVY JAMEE Operator $24,886 (More)
LEVY SARA Aide Echo Lake Elementary School $18,584 (More)
LEW BONNIE Secondary Teacher Kentlake High School $64,662 (More)