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Tami Green
Party: Democratic
Residence: Tacoma
Contact: 253-973-4141
E-mail: tami.green@comcast.net
Website: www.tamigreen.com
Occupation: Registered Nurse/State Representative

Experience: PTA Secretary 85-86, Church service with youth and children 87-05, Governors Task Force on establishing workplace violence guidelines 94-95, Lakes High School Band Boosters 99-01, State Representative 04-10, Ft. Steilacoom Playground construction captain 05, Community in Schools mentor 09-10

Education: Music Education, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 1978 Associate of Applied Science, Nursing, Belleville Area College, Belleville Illinois 1982 Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington (June 2011)

Do you agree with the LegislatureÕs solutions to the recent budget shortfalls? Why or why not?
We faced the toughest budget crises in our state's history. The final budget consisted of billions of dollars of cuts -- cutting $4.50 to every $1 in revenue raised. We found efficiencies and re-evaluated our priorities while preserving our safety net and education funding. I said NO to a general sales tax increase, closed tax loopholes and supported the budget compromise because it was a responsible solution in these tough times.

If state revenues continue to decline, can you balance the state budget without increasing taxes or fees? How?
It will be difficult but possible. This crisis brings great opportunity to examine the things we ask government to do. It requires us to reflect on how we want state agencies to serve the public. When we do these things we find savings. We must also ensure our tax system is fair by closing tax loopholes that no longer work for the best interest of our people.

What should the state be doing to bolster the economy and create jobs?
I sponsored a jobs bill to refurbish and repair schools which will create thousands of jobs throughout the state. These are the sorts of actions we need to take. We should continue to invest in green jobs and work harder to support small businesses. While we wade through these tough economic waters it is important to keep unemployment insurance strong. Families must be fed and mortgages must be paid.

Do you support privatization of liquor sales? Why or why not?
Our state allows broad sales of wine and beer but tightly regulates the sales of hard liquor. This system has proven highly successful in preventing sales to minors. Liquor is sold in well lighted stores with highly trained employees and no advertising is allowed. The current system eliminates a profit motive, enhances public safety and brings revenue to the state. In these tough times we shouldn't fix what's not broken.

Personal Statement:
It is an honor to serve as Representative for the district. I'm a nurse, mom and grandmother and was raised in a military family. I know the issues facing families in our community. I work hard to bring voices of families to Olympia to solve the problems of our state. I have the experience and the tenacity to get us through these tough times. Please support me with your vote.

Paul Wagemann
Party: Republican
Residence: Lakewood
Contact: 253-209-5638
E-mail: wagemanp@stolz.com
Website: www.paulwagemann.org
Occupation: Real Estate Builder & Developer

Experience: Clover Park School Board Director, 2009 - Present Lakewood Transportation Advisory Committee (Vice Chairman), 2007-Present Lakewood YMCA Board, 2007-Present Training Consultant, 2003-2006 Grocery Store Manager, 2001-2003 Marketing Director, 1997-2001 Small Business Owner, 1991-1997 Marine Corps fighter, test pilot, and Commander, 1968-1991 Bethany Baptist Church, 1997-Present Bible Study Fellowship leader, 1994-2008 Married 37 Years to Linda Stolz, two sons

Education: High School Diploma, Elk Grove Senior High School, Elk Grove, CA, 1966 College Credits, Sacramento City College, Sacramento CA, 1968 Bachelor of Science, Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1974 Naval Aviator, Naval Aviation Flight School, Pensacola, FL, 1976 Naval Aviation Safety Officer, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA, 1979 Test Pilot, Air Force Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB, CA 1981 Command and Staff College, Quantico, VA 1987

Do you agree with the LegislatureÕs solutions to the recent budget shortfalls? Why or why not?
No. The citizens of my district are frustrated with the tax on water and candy. They are further confused by the definition of which candy gets taxed. These random taxes are an accounting issue for retailers which are further compounded with the increase in B & O tax. The job of our governor and Legislature is to create a budget that is within our means just like we do in our homes and businesses.

If state revenues continue to decline, can you balance the state budget without increasing taxes or fees? How?
No or Yes equal less revenue. Therefore, balancing the State budget should not include tax increases because that will only create a lowering of revenues due to creating barriers for business growth, continued high unemployment and less spending by individuals. Many economists argue that the growth and simplification effects of reducing corporate tax rate would be revenue positive. Just as individuals cannot spend more than they make, so must the state live within its means.

What should the state be doing to bolster the economy and create jobs?
The private sector generates the majority of jobs in our country. Therefore, we need create a business friendly environment. Tax rates matter for economic growth and job creation. The state should be lowering tax rates on large and small businesses. This would be a boon for both domestic and global competitiveness. These cuts would attract business to the State as well as encouraging current business to invest with the return being the creation of jobs.

Do you support privatization of liquor sales? Why or why not?
Yes. This isn't about increased sales of liquor. It's about choice and whether the government should be in retail sales. If you look at the per-capita alcohol consumption numbers, there is little or no correlation for states that have state-run stores and those that don't. Alcohol consumption seems much more closely tied to regional issues than whether a state is in the business of selling alcohol. These kinds of scare tactics should be avoided.

Personal Statement:
Strong leadership and sound judgment are desperately needed. A prosperous future requires proven leaders who listen to constituents and respond with effective solutions: protecting jobs, promoting business, improving student achievement, and preserving Washington as a wonderful place to live, work and play. Many current leaders have let us down. I will not let you down. As your representative I promise to be humble, approachable and credible. I ask for your trust, support and vote.