Tacoma and Pierce County Birth Announcements

Recent Birth Announcements
KURCZEWSKI Matt and Ella, Enumclaw, boy, June 9
FREGOSO Bernardo and Maria, Enumclaw, girl, June 6
LIVELY/HASEMAN Chase and Ashley, Enumclaw, girl, May 27
CRAMPTON/McCUISTION Alex and Lauren, Auburn, gril, May 24
GUIBERT Jason and Moira, Manchester, boy, April 27
BIRD Thomas and Jamie, Bonney Lake, girl, April 1
TWIGGS Curtis and Tara, Enumclaw, boy, March 30
BISHOP/COFFIN-BISHOP Quincy and Jaida, Buckley, girl, March 23
HEUTMAKER Matthew and Charlene, Buckley, boy, March 20
ZINGERMAN Jordan and Kelsey, Bonney Lake, boy, March 20
GILBERT Eric and Crystal, Enumclaw, girl, March 16
HINEN Matthew and Victoria, Enumclaw, girl, March 14
MARCH Mike and Ashley, Bonney Lake, boy, March 11
ACHTERLORCHEN Kevin and Elizabeth, Bonney Lake, boy, March 06
ATKINS Brandon and Brittney, Buckley, girl, March 3
PUHL/ELDER Briton and Jennifer, Graham, boy, Feb. 25
MOE Andy and Kristin, Wilkeson, girl, Feb. 19
TAYLOR Caleb and Jeanene, Bonney Lake, boy, Feb. 17
OLSON Kyal and Kristen, Enumclaw, boy, Feb. 14